Netflix Now Offering Streaming-Only Plan

If you’ve been itching to use Netflix’s free app to watch movies and TV shows but haven’t wanted to sign up for a DVD rental plan as well, Netflix now has you covered. The DVD-rental and online streaming company announced today that it is offering a streaming-only plan that costs $7.99 per month:

First, we are now offering a new $7.99 a month plan which lets you instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies streamed to your computer or TV. This plan does not include any DVDs. All the titles you can watch instantly on your current plan are also available on this new plan, and as a reminder, not all titles on DVD are available to watch instantly. This new plan is available immediately – if you’d like to switch to this new plan at any time, simply visit Your Account.

Subscribers can watch streamed content on a Mac or PC and a number of compatible devices like the Xbox 360, Tivo DVRs and more, as well as on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad using Netflix’s free app.

Unfortunately, Netflix is also raising the prices on its plans that include DVD rentals by mail at the same time. The company has posted this new pricing chart to more clearly show the changes:



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Jim Vincent

WTF is up with the price hike?!? They have more subscribers now than ever.

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