Boxcar Gets Major Update with New Services, Centralized Inbox, More

AppRemix’s Boxcar got a major update this week adding several new services to the push notification delivery app. Actually, Boxcar was updated twice in the past week to version 4.0  over the weekend and then to 4.1 today. Along with a new icon, Boxcar now works out-of-the box with Gowalla, Foursquare, Reddit, Google Voice, and much more. A unified inbox for received notifications is also a new feature, as well as app recommendations.

While many apps for popular services like Twitter and Facebook already offer push notifications, Boxcar provides a centralized place to keep track of all notifications and offers more notifications than many apps allow to begin with. For example, the official Twitter app that was just updated yesterday with push notifications will notify you of new mentions and direct messages only. Boxcar goes a little further and will let you receive push notifications when someone you follow tweets, there are new results for your favorite Twitter search and new trending topics, and more.

Though the new Google Voice app that debuted yesterday also offers push notifications for new text messages and voicemails, Boxcar can also provide notifications for your Google Voice account. Boxcar can also take you right to GV Mobile+ or GV Connect, two paid apps by 3rd-party developers that offer more features than the new official Google Voice app, when viewing a message.

The Boxcar app is free and ad-supported. An in-app purchase removes ads for $4.99.

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Boxcar 2 new version has been released. Install the other new iOS 7 only app for a refreshing experience ! Boxcar has Twitter, Facebook, Email, RSS, Growl, Github, Google Voice, Google Buzz, App...