Skyfire to Bring Flash to iPhone and iPad

Skyfire, a California-based start-up company focused on mobile computing, has developed an iOS app that will allow iPhone and iPad users to view Flash video content on the web. The app has been approved by Apple according to a report, and will be released in the App Store this Thursday at 9:00 a.m. ET. The Skyfire app, which is already available for the Android OS, will download Flash content to the company’s own servers and convert it to HTML5 which can then be viewed on an iPhone or iPad.

Skyfire has created a video demonstrating how the app works on an iPhone:

Hulu users will be disappointed with Skyfire since the app will not be able to convert Hulu videos for viewing – Hulu has specifically blocked the company from downloading and translating its content.

Notably, the Skyfire app will detect when you’re using a secure page, such as logging into your bank’s site, and automatically stop sending information to the company’s servers to protect your privacy.

Skyfire will cost $2.99 and we’ll be sure to review it in full when it’s available to see if it’s worth your hard-earned money.



The Skyfire app just released by Apple does not work on the iPad. Do not purchase.

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