Blocking Non-Western Language Apps on AppShopper

The App Store is a massive international phenomenon, and attracts Apps from all different languages. While Apple provides regional App Stores for different countries, the U.S. store still attracts a wide range of languages.

One frequent request we have received is the ability to block specific languages from the AppShopper lists. Language detection can be tricky, but we’ve now included a preference in your user profile that allows you to block Apps in non-western languages. This includes Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, and a few others.

This feature is only available on the website at the moment, but will trickle into the App in the next major version. We are also working on other features to be more usable in countries outside the U.S.


Dave M.

Best new feature added to the website yet!!!

I have been hoping for such a feature for a while now. Of course, I would also love for that feature to carry over to the RSS feeds. That way, I don’t have to see all the non-western language apps show up there too.

Great job guys!


it does apply to RSS feeds, assuming you use your personlized rss feed.

to get it, login to appshopper, navigate to the view you want, and click on the RSS link on the top right of the page.

Dave M.

I just did that (assuming that was how it worked) and I’m still seeing some non-western entries. At least the titles and descriptions are non-western.

The above links came straight from my newly created: All, Free, New RSS feed.

I am logged in and I’m using the RSS feed link that appears right next to the My Profile link.


Great addition! Almost there Arn.

Two more things (regarding price changes, esp. for your iOS app):

1) Have an asterisk (or other symbol) that indicates that the sale price is the lowest yet. You do this with TouchArcade when you list sales… very helpful.

2) I know many have mentioned it before, but show ratings (in your iPhone app).

Thank you again for such an amazing site and accompanying app. I use both everyday. I’m addicted!

Dave M.

To add to @Phil’s suggestion…

Not only show ratings, but allow users to make ratings from within the iPhone/iPad app as well as sort on ratings.

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