Air Display for iPad Now Compatible with Windows

Avatron Software’s Air Display app, which allows you to use your iPad as a secondary display for your computer that we looked at when it was first released in May, was recently updated to add compatibility with PCs running Windows. Air Display requires a companion app on the computer with which the iPad is to be used and this was only available for the Mac operating system previously. Now, iPad owners with a PC running Windows XP, Vista, or 7 can take advantage of this useful app.

The app’s description provides more detail on its new Windows compatibility:

Air Display requires Windows XP (32-bit only), or Vista or 7 (32-bit or 64-bit). Windows 7 Starter edition is not supported. Aero and DirectX will be disabled while connected to Air Display, and re-enabled upon disconnection.

The required desktop companion software can be downloaded from Avatron’s site for free here.


Air Display

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Ever wish you had an extra display for your Mac or Windows computer? There's an app for that! Air Display turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a wireless display, to extend or mirror your...


Allan Zieser

I have tried to use this since the beta came out but it simply does not work. I have worked through all of their many suggestions on the site but to no avail. I would caution people that this app may not work on their particular windows set up.


I have used this with 2 laptops (one with XP and the other running Windows 7). Both of them work great and it was very easy to setup. Not sure why Alan is having issues, but I would guess he is not connecting to the Air Display correctly. You have to connect to your iPad in the task menu (bottom right) or it will not work. I did not do this initially. Also, the App has to up and running on the ipad in order for it to work. Again, this was super easy and I was up in running in about 10 minutes from the time I downloaded the app from Apple and downloading the client app for my laptop(s). I do recommend this app if you need extra landscape. I would not use this as a media player since their is a slight lag, but nothing major. For writing papers, surfing the web, spreadsheets, etc…I would highly recommend.


You guess incorrectly, Air display simply doesn’t work on my set up either. I have it running on my ipad and i have the PC client set up properly. My ipad shows up on the PC client but when i connect it just doesn’t work. The ipad screen flashes for a second and then just brings up the default Air Display how-to screen again on the ipad. Disabling touch on the PC client also doesn’t help.


Me either. It does work with my Mac, but not Windows 7. It appears to detect the iPad and connect OK, but the display is not shown.

Lloyd Kuhnle

Well, I worked for a few days now to get the Air Display Support app to run on my WINDOWS 7 SP1 PC, to no avail.

The app just will not start up on the WINDOWS PC. I uninstalled, and reinstalled it multiple times.

Funny – the PC set the display options to mobile. I had to undo that.

Looks like I threw out $10.


I have the AirDisplay app running perfect on my macbook pro, however i want to use it on my work PC (windows 7 pro). I have tried installing the file several times but the icon that is supposed to show up in the windows tray is nowhere to be found. I have also restarted several times. Not sure what to try next.


I have Air Display running on Windows XP. It works fine for my itouch, but it won’t work for my iPad2.


I have Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) and it installs fine, but the display never appears on my iPad 2.

What are my options?


Equipment: MacBook Pro 2.66 GHz Core-2-Duo UniBody, running OS X 10.6.7. iPad 2.

Charged £5.99 for iPad component PLUS £11.99 for OS X component (CHEEKY!)

Terrible experience! Followed instructions. Does not work. I see the iPad show up in the list of displays I can connect to but it just wont connect. Not impressed with the double charge. Not impressed with the experience. Avoid.


Air Display will not work for me either. I’ve tried all suggestions on app website and then some. A friend who has it working on his iPad could not get it to work on mine. His iPad’s Air Display will even work when used with MY computer, but my iPad’s Air Display will not.
Air Display is the most expensive app I own, and it’s the only one that will not work at all. Check the reviews on the App Store, too. It either works great, or not at all. You’ve been forewarned.


Tentei instalar o Air display em meu windows 7 Ultimate, mas ele começa a executar e desaparece. Nem sei mais o que tentar….


I brought Air Display for my ipad a few months ago and when I installed the download on my Windows 7 desktop it changed all of the settings on my computer. Now when my desktop runs windows office it look like it is back to windows xp. I’ve tired uninstalling Air Display but not it wont even open.

If you have Windows 7 and want to risk changes to the appearence then buy it, if not then this App is simply not for you.


Also downloaded Air Display several months ago, but no matter what I did it doesn’t work. At one point there was some type of connection because my ipads screen would turn all blue when it connected. However, there was not screen extension. I asked Air Display to return my money to no avail – if you have a PC don’t risk wasting your money.

A few weeks into looking at various blogs I saw someone had recommended Maxivista. You can’t use the touchscreen option, and it doesn’t seem possible to connect on a virtual network or my school’s wifi. But on most networks it works for me.


I have now successfully installed the Air Display with my Windows 7, 32 bit Ultimate. it was how ever difficult to get the “Blank Display” that shows up when connected.

The only solution was to turn off the ESET Internet Sequrity Fire Wall. After some more fiddeling with the firewall I managed to open the fire wall to the IP address for the iPad. So now it works .

BUT, it still does not accept “Clicks” from the iPad inputs, dispite that I have enabled the Touch input. I get the mouse arrow to show on the iPad screen. And it follows my movements, but I am unable to make click inputs.


I’m not 100% sure what I did to get it to work in Windows 7 64-bit that actually caused it to start working but this was the last thing I tried that it started working afterwards, so maybe it’s related?

When I right-clicked the Air Display icon it showed my iPad as a discovered option. I clicked it, with no avail, much like others had described doing.

So I looked up the IP address of my iPad, and tried manually connecting to that IP address. This didn’t work either, so I hit cancel. After this I tried clicking my iPad again, and this time it worked. I hadn’t touched any of my firewall settings, so I don’t think my problem was related to that. That was actually the next thing I was gonna test, but then it magically worked.

Thought I’d let people know what I did, in hopes it helps someone else.


It works for me, generally

But it totally fails when it comes to the one game I want to use it with.

Air Display disconnects DirectX without which Flight SimulatorX wont run. I get an error message telling me that my videocard does not support shaders (believe me a GTZ 580 most certainly does)

Is ther a workaround please?


I’m on Windows 7 and at first when I connected to my iPad 2 it didn’t work – it said it was connected but it was still on the set up page on the app, so I did what the support said and tried “Connect to other” and entered the IP address of the App itself – (although this may be unique to mine, still worth a try!) This got it working!


Did anyone get this working with Windows 7 64bit? I can’t see the icon but I can’t seem to find a solution for this online… guess I’ll keep looking and if I find a fix I’ll post it… sounds like a great app in theory lol


Air display isn’t compatible with Windows 7 starter edition. It is explicitly mentioned in the app store description. I guess we should read more carefully. Shame on me for wasting good money on this Avatron app !!


I have also been unsuccessful – despite trying everything…both recommended by Avatron and not – to no avail. Don’t waste your money until they get the app and iOS running properly.


I have installed on PC and iPad, when I start the app on the iPad it seems fine, once I start the program on my PC it connects but my PC screen just flashes and I am unable to do anything. Waste of money!


Still doesn’t work with windows 7 (64 bit). wasted my money it seems. Contacted Avatron and got reply that they wouyld help and asked me couple of questions. Replied to that but then big fat nothing. Pretty misleading advertising by apple as well therefore.


I connect my windows 7 with ipad mini
and it seem ipad is only have blue background screen and some little keybpard and help optoin on the bottom.

Try to set everything in the setting in windows but doesn’t help
it only showing mirror which I didn’t want.

Cannot make ipad as the secondary screen of my notebook.

Please help!!!!

Jo Jansen

I have installed the app on my Ipad air.
I’d also installed Air display on my comp. Win 7 home premium sevice pack 1.
But when I click on the icon airdisplay nothing happens.
(Sorry for my bad English).


I have an ipad air and installed the air display on two different laptops that both are running windows 7 professional. The one laptop gave me the blue screen of death and I had to restore back to before I installed the air display driver to get my laptop to boot again. On the second laptop I click on the icon and nothing happens at all… app is turned on on my ipad air but there seems to be no connection at all. Is there some place that gives a step by step from someone who was successful in getting this set up?


I have an Ipad 4 and PC with Windows 7 (64bits). The Air Display find my Ipad but when I try to connect, a message appears saying I have to update the Air Display driver on my PC. The only problem is that I ALREADY HAVE THE LAST VERSION OF THE DRIVER!!! So it didn’t work for me.


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