Monthly Archives: September 2010

AppShopper 1.0.2 Out – Download Now

AppShopper 1.0.2 is out. It addresses the crash-on-launch bug that affected users of earlier devices (iPod Touch, iPhone 3G) and iOS 3.x. So if you didn’t have a chance to try out the new features in 1.0.1, give them a shot now. I’ve recapped the 1.0.1 notes here in case you missed them: The most… Read more »

Review: LogMeIn Ignition for iPad and iPhone

We’ve all had those moments. You’re away from your computer with only an iPhone or iPad in hand and desperately need to access a file that’s only available on the computer that’s temporarily out of reach. What to do? LogMeIn, Inc. has a solution, offering its LogMeIn Ignition universal app that, along with a free… Read more »

AppShopper App Version 1.0.1 Out Now – Big Fixes and More

Warning: There is an issue in version 1.0.1 that is causing crashes on devices running iOS 3.x and iPhone 3Gs running all iOS versions. iPhone 4s and iPhone 3GSs seem to work fine. Please refrain from updated until 1.0.2 arrives. 1.0.2 has already been submitted. Our developer team worked hard and quickly to push out… Read more »

DataViz’s Documents To Go Premium Gets Keyboard Support, Multi-tasking, More

DataViz, the well-established developer of productivity applications for a variety of mobile platforms, recently updated its Documents to Go Premium universal app to add Bluetooth keyboard support, multi-tasking under iOS 4 and more. The app’s last major update brought iPad support and the app has been a fixture in the Top 200 chart for Business… Read more »

AppShopper ‘My Apps’ Importer for Mac Available

Our official AppShopper app was released in the App Store earlier this week and we’re pleased to offer another utility for AppShopper users. Importer is now available and will import the complete list of apps you already own from iTunes on your computer to your AppShopper profile. AppShopper Importer is for the Mac only… Read more »

Apple Publishes App Store Review Guidelines

Following the publishing of a brief statement on App Store Review Guidelines this morning, Apple has released its App Store Review Guidelines. Engadget posted a link to the full document, a 7-page PDF describing what’s acceptable when it comes to an app’s functionality, its use of push notifications, location data, and much more. After many… Read more »

VLC Media Player Coming to iPad

As reported by Mac4Ever (via MacRumors), developer Applidium has created a VLC media player app for the iPad. The app was created with the support of VideoLan, the non-profit organization that creates free and open source media software. The app has already been submitted to Apple for approval and will be free at release. In… Read more »

Apple Updates iMovie to Add New iPod touch Compatibility

In addition to releasing updates for MobileMe iDisk and Find My iPhone yesterday, Apple also released an update to its iMovie app bringing it to version 1.1. With an initial release date in June, iMovie is fairly new to the App Store and was originally only compatible with the iPhone 4. Yesterday’s update adds compatibility… Read more »

Apple Releases iOS 4.1

As promised at last week’s press event, Apple has released iOS 4.1 into the wild. iOS 4.1 brings a few new features to compatible devices, including HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos,┬áthe ability to upload HD video over Wi-Fi to YouTube and MobileMe, and TV show rentals from the iTunes store. Also, Apple’s Game Center makes… Read more »

Apple Updates MobileMe iDisk and Find My iPhone

Apple has pushed out some app updates, bringing bug fixes to its iDisk app and adding compatibility with the newest iPod touch to Find My iPhone. The iDisk app, which first debuted in July 2009, was fixed to address the inability to open some files in their corresponding iPad apps, e.g., Pages, and now properly… Read more »