Yap.tv for iPad Melds Social Networking with TV Watching

Start-up yap.TV has just released an app of the same name for the iPad that brings social networking to your television watching adventures. The app provides a TV guide and integration with your Twitter and Facebook accounts, allowing users to see comments and participate in conversations about shows as well as create and participate in polls.

The TV guide displays available graphics for each show in a grid view, and you can change the time and day to navigate through the guide.

Tapping on a show brings up plot information and three panes at the bottom showing all recent Twitter and Facebook comments about the show, any current or trending polls, and what any friends have said about the show. A fourth pane off to the right is your Living Room where you can invite friends and hold private conversations about the current show. The order of these panes can be changed to suit your tastes.

You can enter your existing Twitter and Facebook account information to pull and post information to and from these services. A free yap.TV account, which can be created right within the app, is needed in order to mark shows as favorites, create polls, chat in private Living Rooms, and to see what your friends are watching.


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Yap TV is your social guide to what's on TV and iTunes. Follow your favorite TV shows with a personalized TV news feed. See what's new on TV this week, get instant TV recommendations, browse top TV...