Ping Me! Brings Automated Craigslist Searching and Notifications to iPhone

While there are a number of apps that interface with Craiglist, the popular online service that provides local classified ads and forums in 700 communities around the world, few offer an automated search function and the ability to notify you via push notifications if an item you’ve been looking for appears in an ad. Enter Ping Me! by Pingify Network that brings the company’s “smart notification engine” to iPhone users in the U.S. where Craigslist began.

Ping Me! for Craigslist is a smart notification engine that guarantees users access to the data in a timely and efficient manner. Currently Ping Me!focuses on the world’s largest free bulletin board website, Craigslist and available in Canada and the USA. In the near future more sites will be added to extend the search.

To use Ping Me!, you must first set up Requests which are search parameters for the items you’d like to find. You can name each Request, assign it a priority, enable or disable push notifications, and specify what Craigslist location and category should be searched. You must also specify at least one additional filter for keyword, price, or the presence of an image in the ad.

Once a listing is found that meets your search criteria, you’ll receive a push notification to alert you and you can view the ad right within the app.

Since Ping Me! is only intended to scour Craigslist on its own based on the Requests you save and then notify you of matching results, hardcore Craigslist users may find little use for the app since it offers no way to simply browse ads. But if you love Craigslist and simply don’t have the time or energy to search for new listings every day, Ping Me! will save you a lot of time and effort.

Search results can be sorted and searched. If you want to respond to an ad, phone numbers and email addresses within ads are click-able and can generate a new email in the Mail app or dial a number in the Phone app for you to contact the seller/buyer right from your iPhone.

Pingify Network states that more sites will be added to Ping Me! in the future so the app’s functionality will go beyond Craigslist soon, which we’re looking forward to seeing.


Ping Me!

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Didn't find what you were looking for on Craigslist? Don't have time to keep looking? Welcome to your own Personal Notification System Ping Me! for Craigslist our first smart notification engine....