AppShopper App Version 1.0.1 Out Now – Big Fixes and More

Warning: There is an issue in version 1.0.1 that is causing crashes on devices running iOS 3.x and iPhone 3Gs running all iOS versions. iPhone 4s and iPhone 3GSs seem to work fine. Please refrain from updated until 1.0.2 arrives. 1.0.2 has already been submitted.

Our developer team worked hard and quickly to push out the first update for the AppShopper app in under a week. This app is primarily a bug fix and performance tweak update, but we’ve added a couple of nice new features.

The most noticeable features include:

Slide to Reload

Popularized by Tweetie, “Slide to Reload” allows you to easily reload the current view by pulling the list past the first item on the list. Just drag the whole list down and it will reload the view:

Swipe to Delete

A standard feature in many iPhone apps, you can down swipe from left-to-right in your Wishlist and My Apps list to remove an app from that list. Previously, you had to tap on the app, and then unselect the “Want It” or “Own It” buttons.

Other new features and fixes include:

– Remembers your password until you log out
– Passwords with special characters now work
– Links that appear in an app’s description are now tappable
– Tap menu bar to scroll to top of list
– Fixes an issue where the user would get bounced back to page 1 of My Apps or Wish List after navigating down several pages
– Faster linking to the App Store
– Lots of bug fixes and optimizations

Note that Push notifications, in-app purchase to remove ads, and much more is in the works. Push notifications will be the priority to get into the next update.



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The official app from the creators of AppShopper keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebies. Organize apps in your own customized Wish List...



Great app, but since the last update it crashes back to the springboard. I have tried deleting and the reinstalling, but it keeps crashing.


Appshopper is a great apps, but I just update the version from App Store, and I can’t use anymore, and I am using iOS4.1. Anyone can help me??please…


I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 and currently have no issues with the app.


It seems to work fine for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS (with iOS 4.x or above).

iOS 3.x or iPhone 3G (and earlier iPod Touch) with 4.x are having problems.

Fix has been submitted (1.0.2)


Are you planning on adding app ratings to the AppShopper app? That’s the only thing that I don’t like about the app. Otherwise, great job!


^^ Same as Jeff, I’d love to see app ratings, is it possible to fetch them?

Very good job, this app replaced my app store on my main iPhone screen 🙂


Updated on my 3G when prompted by iTunes so I didn’t see the warnings about the 3G problems. No biggie, though, I’ll patiently wait for 1.0.2.

I mainly wanted to comment to second the request to see an app’s ratings in the AppShopper app. I use AppShopper to discover new apps that I otherwise may never have heard of and it would be nice to know the ratings before I bother going to iTunes to download and discovering everyone who’s tried it hated it.


Would be great to see App Ratings. Also, Apple’s website normally shows a couple user comments. That would be great to see also if possible through some type of API.

But App Ratings would be nice =).


I am seeing the app crash from launch. I use an iPod Touch 2nd gen running iOS 4.01. When I get back to my Mac, I’ll send you my crash logs.

I would absolutely love to see the app ratings, the ability to fine tune the notices you receive, such as (Updates, Price Drops, All), for wish list items.

Also would it be possible to have separate filters for the Popular tab versus the What’s New tab? I’d like to filter each list differently.

Otherwise, superb app!

Jeffery Lay

Unfortunately, although this app is available in various international App Stores, it only displays US App Store items, and with prices in $ only.

This means that it commonly advertises items I, as a UK customer, cannot buy, and even when I can buy them, they’re listed with a price that’s completely meaningless to me.

I realise that the developer is going to target his/her own region first – that’s fine. But please consider expanding to respect the rest of the world… both on the app, and on the site.


Ivo Almeida

It will be nice if we can chose the categories we want to see (more than 1) in the iphone app.
For example, I’m interested in everything except Games.



One more suggestion is to put the Advertisement banner in the scrolling region. Because currently when the Ad displays, it takes up a fair amount of space, while it constantly stays at the top. Putting it in the scrolling area would greatly help with this issue.


Well. I hav an iPod touch 8gb and I loved it very much but after I hav updated ever rum I open it crashes to the springboard plz fix this issue …… still waitin 4 1.0.2


It looks like you didn’t need me to submit the log. I am on a 2G iPod Touch. I look forward to actually being able to use the app again. I also agree, app ratings would be nice.

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