Twitter for iPad Released

Twitter has released an updated version of its free app that includes specific compatibility for the iPad, a long-awaited update finally available after the first version for the iPhone became available in May. The universal app hit the App Store late last night and has been the source of a lot of conversation on the internet given its unique interface on the iPad.

On the iPhone, Twitter’s interface has not changed significantly. On the iPad, it’s a whole different ball of wax. Twitter highlights some of the new interface elements in its blog, talking about the new panes, the display of media, and two-finger gestures.

When you click on a tweet, a new pane appears to the right showing the tweet and automatically opening any URL within the tweet below. This pane can easily be slid out of the way by swiping to the right so you can continue scrolling through your timeline in the previous pane, which is particularly handy if you’re waiting for a video to load in the new pane and want to continue browsing through other tweets.

Using two fingers to drag downward on an individual tweet will expand the view to show any replies made to that tweet.

The following YouTube video demonstrates the app’s new interface elements:

We’ve used most of the major Twitter apps available so far and while some aspects of the updated Twitter app are definitely different, we’re warming up to it pretty quickly and think that it will become our iPad Twitter app of choice. Since the app is free, there’s no loss if you try it out and don’t like it and we recommend that you at least give it a whirl.



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When open my new Twitter on my iPad my first thought was,” huh?”. I had forgotten that there was an update because for the last month I have just been signing into Twitter through safari on my iPad because in really haven’t liked any of the apps that have been out there. The only reason I opened the app was because I was making space for new apps I might be purchasing since I am an official App-ohollic and can’t get through a day with out at least getting one app whether it be free or not. ( I have always said there’d be no one better as an app reviewer than me. Lol) But I digress, back to subject at hand.
The new Twitter for iPad, AWESOME. I love how each line you tap is like a tab. I have always hated that I would lose previous screen because I ventured off into “no mans land of twitter maze”. Next the ability to see all the extra’s you have signed up for, ( ie. twitpic, y-frog, app advice) not to mention tabbing to those site without losing original connection with actual app you are in. I have only played with the app for two days now and I still finding new features but he ones listed above so far are the ones that have stood out for me. All in all, I know I will continue to like this app as I continue to find new shortcuts. Finally a Twitter app that I like and can actually utilize. And best of all it was free, I love free.
Thank-you for taking the time to read my review,
2Q2Top aka AkioInHawaii, The One & Only True App-ohollic

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