18 AUG

VEVO Brings 20,000 Music Videos to iPhone

by Marianne Schultz

VEVO, the online video and entertainment service, has released an app that brings 20,000 music videos available for streaming to the iPhone and iPod touch. VEVO hit the App Store this morning and is free. The app will stream content over Wi-Fi or 3G though videos will be of higher quality while on a Wi-Fi network.

The app presents 5 tabs to highlight new and popular content along with a search function and the ability to create video playlists and view playlists created by VEVO staff. A Nearby Videos feature also provides a list of videos being viewed around you using the iPhone’s GPS capabilities.

While it’s certainly possible to find many music videos on YouTube or other sites, VEVO offers a convenient way to find them all in one place without having to sift through home-made versions, parodies, and low-quality copies that often pop up in YouTube search results. The VEVO app is for the iPhone and iPod touch specifically and while it will work on an iPad, it’s not optimized for the device’s larger screen, unfortunately.

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  1. Jim Vincent

    If you’re not 12, don’t bother. I’m in my 30s and there’s nothing here for me.

  2. Henrik

    Not available for Europe (yet?)

  3. JMc

    I’m over 40 and there’s groups I like. But this app needs a lit of work. Vevo – it’s called “buffering” – make sure that’s in version 1.1 of the product.

    if you’ve ever heard a CD skip – that’s what most of the music videos sound like, even over wifi…

  4. Joe

    Not available for Australia!

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