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For whatever reason, Apple has decided that the Calendar app that comes installed on the iPhone doesn’t need a week view and that monthly, daily, and list views are all you really need. Though we <3 our iPhones more than is probably healthy for the average human being, we disagree with Apple and think that a way to view a week at a glance would be very useful indeed. Enter Week Calendar by Wasabi Apps that was released at the end of July. It pulls all of the data from the calendars on your iPhone (and thus by default, wherever you’re getting that data, be it MobileMe, Google Calendar, etc.) and displays it in a handy week view format.

Using Week Calendar is a piece of cake. There’s no set-up at all required since it simply pulls the data from the iPhone’s Calendar app, though you can choose to show or hide individual calendars separately in Week View. True to its name, a week view is the only view that’s available in this app so if you need to see an entire month, a single day, or a list of all of your calendar events, you’ll need to switch back to the Calendar app that comes installed on the iPhone. This prompts our biggest wish for this app: if it included the other views as well, it could completely replace the Calendar app on our iPhones. Without any other view available, it’s hard to eyeball a date several months in advance to see when a holiday falls, for example, or see quickly if a single day far in the future has any appointments already scheduled.

Week Calendar doesn’t just display your calendar but also allows you to edit existing appointments and add new ones as well. Tapping on an existing appointment shows a pop-up with more details about the selected event and tapping on the blue arrow takes you to a separate screen to view additional details like the location or notes if entered, or edit the event. Overall, Week Calendar lets you do as much as the iPhone’s original Calendar app, including setting reminders and recurring events.

The week view shows best in landscape orientation but also works in portrait orientation. Color coding for each calendar you have set up in the Calendar app also carries over to Week Calendar. One feature we really like is the ability to swipe left or right to switch weeks, a navigation element that we feel is missing from the Calendar app on both the iPhone and iPad.

We have a couple of minor nitpicks that don’t really affect functionality but may matter to some. First is the app’s icon (on the iPhone itself – the one used in the App Store, shown above, is different) – we think the grid alone conveys the week and the day abbreviations, in Dutch no less, are unnecessary and make the icon look a little cluttered. Second is how text is handled in the week view since words that are too long to fit in a single line are moved to the next line in ways that don’t make sense. You can see this in the screenshot below as well as the one showing landscape orientation above. Of course, this is a challenge when you’re working with a lot of information on such a small screen but we have to think there’s a more elegant way to handle this.

Week Calendar costs $1.99 and while this isn’t exorbitant at all, it might make you pause to wonder if you really need a separate app to show your calendar in week view format, particularly since this is the only calendar view it offers. If you don’t have a very busy schedule, Week Calendar might not be as useful for you unless you really just prefer that view format over what the iPhone’s original Calendar app provides. If your schedule is full enough to make searching for open spaces for new appointments difficult, we definitely recommend Week Calendar as an alternative to help you manage your schedule a little more easily. If Wasabi Apps adds daily and monthly views to Week Calendar (and a name change for the app would be in order as well with these additions), it could completely replace the Calendar app on our iPhones.


Week Calendar

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Version: 12.0.2
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***** BEST CALENDAR APP WORLDWIDE ***** Whether you use iCloud, Exchange or Google calendar, Week Calendar is the most user friendly and the all-round calendar app worldwide for everyone that needs...



pocket informant is pretty awesome. it does this, also. plus it gives you tasks, list/month/day view, and syncs with google calendar and toodledo.


Pocket Informant though, is 10.50€ and looks hideously cluttered. Following apple guide lines for the layout would have made me buy PI instantly. Now I think I will go for this one, since it looks so much nicer.


I am loving this application!

I can’t believe Apple won’t put week view into their Calendar app when people like Wasabi Apps can do it so elegantly.

This has become my default Calendar application and I rarely use the inbuilt one now.

Bravo to all the guys at Wasabi Apps……. now please add day and month views too. 😀


can the makers of this app please make it available for earlier operating systems on iphone and ipod touch


For DAY VIEW: if you double tap the screen, you now also get the full day view.

This app is a lifesaver for those with hectic schedules. iPhone missed a trick here…

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