VolumeSnap Feature Coming to Camera+?

The developer of the popular photography app Camera+, tap tap tap, described in its blog today that an update to the app has been submitted to Apple that includes a new, highly-requested feature: the ability to use the iPhone’s volume buttons to activate the camera’s shutter. It’s unknown whether or not this new feature will be accepted by Apple, though as tap tap tap’s blog notes, there are other apps in the App Store that already offer something similar (MaxiCamera is one example). This feature had originally been included in version 1.0 of Camera+ but had been rejected by Apple.

If approved by Apple, the update release notes for Camera+ will be as follows:

VolumeSnap ~ use your iPhone’s volume controls to snap photos!

Using Camera+ now feels just like a real camera. Your photos can be sharper because you can now hold your iPhone steadier with two hands instead of fumbling around for the shutter button on screen.

In addition, you can plug your iPhone earphones in and use the volume buttons on them as a remote shutter control.

Image courtesy of tap tap tap

Using a volume button to activate the camera’s shutter offers the ability to hold an iPhone stable more easily to capture a photo since a finger or hand won’t need to be moved to press an on-screen shutter button. In the past, Apple has prohibited apps from using any hardware element of the iPhone for anything other than its original purpose.


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Oh come on Apple… this would be fantastic. I really hope they allow this update…

Otherwise, you know VolumeSnap alone may just be a good enough reason to jailbreak…

latin james bond

Apple has always had the notion that they rule the world..fu****ck them im tired of being treated like a child by apple ..im jailbreakin my phone and get what i want not what apple lets me have

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