MiTube Lets You Download YouTube Videos

MiTube, an app that has only been available for jailbroken devices via Cydia until now according to 9to5Mac, hit the App Store early this morning. The app lets you stream and download YouTube videos straight to your iPhone or iPad. The universal app is ad supported and free to download.

Since there’s content on YouTube that’s copyright-protected, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple receives some complaints about this app and subsequently removes it. Also, while the app offers different streaming and download settings to appropriately accommodate your network connection type, downloading videos could quickly eat up your data allotment if you’re on a metered 3G data plan, so consider this as you use MiTube.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, MiTube has been pulled from the App Store and is no longer available.



This app is pointless…

You download to the app’s sandbox, not to the camera roll.

Its more like a que for when you have no network access.


That’s the whole point! It allows you to save them so you can watch them anytime even in HD! You can’t do that with YouTube. You can download something once and watch it many times and show it to others without having to re-stream it every time using more data.

If you always have a fast unlimited data connection then good for you, but not everyone has that luxury.

Jindo Fox

Gone already, how disappointing. I wonder if the App Store watches sites like yours for language such as “we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple receives some complaints about this app and subsequently removes it.”


few more apps then i dont need to jailbreak my iphone anymore. wonder if they will have ultrasnow in easter egg for another flashlight app


wow this file actually let u transfer the file back to desktop thru itune usb


Hi Sarwar, Can you explain how you did that? I tried and i dont see any of the downloaded files in itunes.


Centz – once opened, touch “miTube” and the app gives you instructions


Thanks Jerry, absolutely fantastic!! Good to see such apps for non-jailbroken devices but unfortunately it is no longer available in app store 🙁


I’m sad I missed this one, I really want it i’ll do
anything to get it. 8)

iTito Themes

This is an awesome app, i downloaded on Cydia and it works fantastic, the new App on the Apple Store was banned…today.


You can still get the application unjailbroken! Just find the download for it, drag it into iTunes, and sync. :3 Because it was a free app, it will work that way without being cracked. c: Should I upload my copy for here?


Bleu, I dont think it will work. Each downloaded file will have your apple id in its property.


It worked when I gave my friends the icanhascheezburger app after it mysteriously vanished. D: I’m pretty sure it would work if it was a free app.


Gals I got it while it was available!!!! I absolutely love it!!!

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