Pulse News Reader Gets Posterous Integration

Pulse News Reader, the popular iPad app created by Alphonso Labs, has been updated to add integration with Posterous. Posterous is a free web publishing service where users can easily create and update their own blog-like page via email, adding content with links to articles or by attaching photos, videos, or other files. Within Pulse News Reader, users can create a customized source feed via Posterous with content found through Pulse, which can then be shared with other Pulse users.

If you already have a Posterous page, you can choose to merge it with the one created by Pulse or keep them separate.

Creating your own Pulse feed via Posterous is done easily within the app. Once created, your Pulse Posterous page is populated with everything you mark as a favorite and appears in your My Pulse feed within the app. Other Pulse News Reader users can add your Posterous Pulse feed to see what you’re favoriting within the app. Adding Posterous offers an easy way for Pulse users to share selected content with others that had not been previously available within the app.


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