Monthly Archives: July 2010

Review: PushURL Sends Links from Computer to iPhone

Every now and then, we come across a link that we want to view on our iPhone as we head away from our computer to another room or out of the house altogether. While it’s certainly possible to copy the URL to an email and send it to an account set up on our iPhone,… Read more »

iChatr Brings Random Video Chat to iPhone 4

If you’ve heard of ChatRoulette, a website that connects users randomly to others around the world for video chats, and had a hankering for something similar on the iPhone, iChatr has stepped up to the plate. The free app came out over the weekend and uses the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera, connecting you to other… Read more »

Navigon MobileNavigator Updated With Multitasking for iOS 4

A few weeks ago, Navigon posted a video highlighting its planned update to its MobileNavigator app with new features for iOS 4, including mulititasking and fast-app switching. That update hit the App Store early this morning and we’re downloading the 1.52 GB update right now to check it out. The full list of new features… Read more »

Ben & Jerry’s ‘Moo Vision’ Adds Package-Recognizing Augmented Reality

It was just the other day that we pointed out Metaio’s Junaio app with its new “glue” feature that uses the iPhone’s camera to recognize objects and superimpose information in real-time. We thought this was exciting technology that we hope to see soon in more apps and it turns out that Ben & Jerry’s, the… Read more »

Fring Adds Two-Way Video Calling for iPhone 4

Fring, a free communications app available for a number of different mobile platforms, has been updated to include 2-way video calling for the iPhone 4. Video calls can be done over 3G or Wi-Fi and since Fring also offers versions of its app for Android and Nokia devices, iPhone 4 users can conduct video calls… Read more »

Roundup: iPhone 4 LED Flashlight Apps

It was just a few days ago when we first heard that flashlight apps specifically for the iPhone 4’s camera light were in the works and several have appeared in the App Store. We took a quick look 8 (!) of these (plus another look at the first one we found a few days ago)… Read more »

MobileMe iDisk App Gets iPad Compatibility, iOS 4 Features

Apple has updated its MobileMe iDisk app to universal format, adding specific compatibility for the iPad and its larger screen along with iOS 4 features and more in version 1.2. MobileMe is a subscription service offered by Apple that provides cloud storage, push email, and over-the-air contacts, calendar, and notes synchronization between multiple devices. The… Read more »

Metaio Brings Augmented Reality with Image Recognition to iPhone

Metaio, a Germany-based company that develops augmented reality software for a variety of applications, has announced an update to its Junaio iPhone app that utilizes its new “glue” technology to recognize images via the iPhone’s camera and superimpose information in real-time. Metaio is also releasing a mobile Software Development Kit to enable developers to make… Read more »

Pulse News Mini for iPhone Now Available

Pulse News Mini for the iPhone, which we previewed just a couple of days ago, hit the App Store yesterday. Pulse News Mini is the iPhone is a version of Alphonso Labs’ popular Pulse News Reader app for the iPad, which was released in mid-May. The app had been praised by Steve Jobs at the… Read more »

Chase Mobile Update Adds QuickPay and Check Deposits

Chase Manhattan Bank has updated its iPhone app to include new person-to-person payment and check deposit features. Chase account holders can now send payments from their account to anyone using just the receiver’s email address with Chase’s PayPal-like QuickPay feature. Checks can also be deposited through the app using the iPhone’s camera to capture an… Read more »