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FileMaker Companion Apps Released for iPhone and iPad

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

FileMaker, Apple’s subsidiary that creates relational database software, has released apps for the iPhone and iPad dubbed FileMaker Go. The apps allow users to view, edit, and search databases created with FileMaker Pro on a desktop computer hosted on FileMaker Server or in FileMaker Pro over Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. Existing databases can also be copied over to an iPhone or iPad using the File Sharing feature in iTunes.

These apps are intended purely as mobile companions to the desktop FileMaker desktop products. FileMaker Pro desktop products for Mac or Windows start at $299 and FileMaker Server products start at $999. FileMaker has posted demo videos to showcase the features of the new apps – the video for the iPhone version is embedded below:

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    IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of 30th September 2013, FileMaker Go 11 for iPad and FileMaker Go 11 for iPhone will no longer be available to purchase. FileMaker Go 12 for iPad and FileMaker Go 12 for iPhone...

iBooks Update Adds Audio and Video Capability

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Apple has been busy, updating its iBooks app hot on the heels of the last update in June that brought iPad compatibility and the ability to display PDF documents. Version 1.1 of iBooks brings something new entirely: the ability to experience audio and video in ebooks. The full list of new features and changes in this version is as follows:

  • Double-tap an image within a book to view it in greater detail.
  • Experience books that include audio and video.
  • Enjoy substantial performance improvements when reading PDFs.
  • Look-up definitions to English words inside books without a specified language.
  • Addresses an issue that may have caused some book downloads to not complete.
  • Includes many stability and performance improvements.

There are no new press releases from Apple at this time describing this new audio and video capability but we’re guessing that some compatible ebooks will debut shortly. Amazon’s Kindle competing app was just updated late last month to add multimedia capability and a handful of compatible ebooks are already available that take advantage of this. It appears that Apple is working on keeping up with Amazon when it comes to ebook reading features on its own devices.

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Disney Releases Official Tron Game

Monday, July 19th, 2010

As Touch Arcade noted earlier today, an official Tron game by Disney has hit the App Store. For those of you who don’t remember or weren’t around then, Tron is a science fiction movie that was released in the early 80’s where characters are digitized and placed in a computer mainframe where a fight between the good guys and the bad guys ensues. The mainframe world is done in black and blue and other neon colors and this world is featured in the game.

Tron is a top-down shooter where you control a tank. The game is free and offers single and multi-player modes and it seems that additional features are coming to the game soon – the binary code shown in the app’s description apparently decodes to read “This TRON app will evolve. ComiTRON coming 072210,” which is the same day the annual Comic-Con starts.

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    Own TRON: Legacy on Disney Blu-Ray and DVD, and for the first time in 3D! Welcome to the GRID, Program. Experience two distinct games set in the combat arenas of the digital GRID from the world of...

iChatr Removed from App Store

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Well, that didn’t take long at all. The ChatRoulette-style iPhone app, iChatr, that let users video chat with other random iPhone 4 users has been pulled from the App Store after only a little over a week in the App Store. SKJM, the developer of iChatr, gave a brief description of the reason in its blog over the weekend:

The iChatr application has currently been removed from the App Store due to reports of a number of users exposing themselves during the random video chat sessions. We are currently discussing possible solutions to the problem with Apple.

Given what we’ve heard about ChatRoulette, it doesn’t surprise us that iChatr devolved into something similar. We’re a bit hard pressed to see how his problem can be solved since there’s no way to control what users do while using the app, though the same could be said for other apps that offer video chat, like Fring. If we had to guess, some sort of in-app registration process with age requirements and usage warnings could be possible ways to help cut down on random indecent exposure.

Apple Promises Free Case to iPhone 4 Owners

Friday, July 16th, 2010

At today’s press event, which was announced on very short notice just a couple of days ago, Apple promised a free case for all iPhone 4 owners to address the device’s signal reception issue. Additionally, the company announced a fix in an upcoming firmware update for the proximity sensor issues some have experienced. Steve Jobs, who was the primary speaker at the event, also stated that the iPhone 4 will go on sale in 17 more countries at the end of this month and that the white iPhone 4 model will begin shipping in limited quantities at that time.

Noting that Apple can’t make enough of its Bumper cases for all iPhone 4 owners, Jobs said that a selection of cases would be offered and owners can choose their preferred case on Apple’s site late next week. Those who have already purchased a Bumper case will receive a refund. The free case/refund offer will continue through September 30.

The iPhone 4 reception issue became a hot topic on the day the device was released and has snowballed since then, culminating with a statement earlier this week from Consumer Reports in which the prominent consumer products review organization expressed that it could not recommend the iPhone 4 because of the issue.

Jobs had started the press conference by demonstrating that the signal attenuation issue is not unique to the iPhone 4, showing examples of the same behavior on the Blackberry 9700, the HTC Droid Eris, and the Samsung Omnia 2. Jobs then described the elaborate testing labs that cost the company over $100 million, stating that the problem was a known issue and is a challenge faced by every smartphone manufacturer.

According to Jobs, only .55% of iPhone 4 users have contacted Apple about the device’s reception issue and the early shipment AT&T return rate is just 1.4% for the iPhone 4, compared to 6.0% for the iPhone 3GS. Additionally, AT&T dropped call rates indicate that while the iPhone 4 does drop more calls than the iPhone 3Gs, this amounts to less than one more additional call dropped per 100 compared to the iPhone 3GS.

Jobs also reminded attendees that those unsatisfied with the iPhone 4 can return it for a full refund within 30 days provided the device is undamaged.

All in all, this event served to hammer home the point that the iPhone 4 reception issue has been blown out of proportion at least according to the data Apple has seen. Interestingly, no design changes are planned for the iPhone 4’s antenna going forward.

Mozilla Releases Firefox Home App

Friday, July 16th, 2010

As promised in May, Mozilla has released a Firefox Home app for the iPhone. The free app hit the App Store last night and offers a way for those who use the Firefox browser on their computer to sync open tabs, history, and bookmarks for access on the go on an iPhone.

The app requires a free Firefox Sync account, which in turn requires the free Firefox Sync add-on for Firefox on your computer. If you don’t already have a Firefox Sync account, the app graciously offers to email you instructions on how to get one when you first open it. Once you create an account and enter your account credentials in Firefox Home, the app will allow you to view and access the tabs currently open on your desktop plus your bookmarked pages.

Opening a tab or bookmark brings you to a bare-bones in-app browser and you can choose to open the current page in Safari or copy or email it. While many have been wishing for a Firefox browser app for the iPhone, this isn’t it, but it is a tiny step closer for those who use Firefox as their desktop computer browser of choice.

Apple Releases iOS 3.2.1 for iPad with Wi-Fi Fix

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

In conjunction with the release of iOS 4.0.1 for the iPhone, Apple has released iOS 3.2.1 for the iPad, intended to address the Wi-Fi issues some users have experienced along with a few other fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent copy and paste of single-page PDF attachments in Mail
  • Addressed an issue that could cause video playback to freeze
  • Improved reliability of video-out when using iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter
  • Added Bing as an option for Safari’s search field

Apple had acknowledged Wi-Fi issues experienced by some iPad users in a support article in May, in which a software update was promised. The support article recommended troubleshooting such as ensuring the Wi-Fi router firmware was up to date and renewing the IP address and other tactics. Hopefully, iOS 3.2.1 will fully address this problem and eliminate the need for such troubleshooting.

Apple Releases iOS 4.0.1 with iPhone Signal Strength Display Fix

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Apple has just released iOS 4.0.1 to address the iPhone 4’s signal reception issues. The update’s release notes state that it “Improves the formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display.”

If you’ve even caught a brief snipped of any news from just about any source in the past few weeks, you’ve almost definitely heard of the iPhone 4’s reception issues. Cropping up on the day of its release in the U.S. and a handful of other countries, many iPhone 4 users have found that they can drastically reduce the device’s cellular signal reception simply by grasping the phone on the metal band on the bottom left corner, bridging the two sections of the antenna for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS and cellular voice and data, respectively. Apple responded publicly with an open letter describing that the issue was instead attributed to an error in the formula used to calculate how many signal bars are shown to represent signal strength. In that letter, Apple promised a free software update to correct this formula.

While there has been much doubt expressed across a number of sites that a software update can address what seems to be a pure hardware issue, this update will likely provide iPhone users with a more accurate visual representation of signal strength and better manage expectations about cellular performance under most conditions. Apple is also holding a press conference tomorrow where the iPhone 4 is expected to be the topic of discussion.

Skype Not Likely to Return to Fring

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

After a bit of vicious back-and-forth in the past week between Fring, a company that provides a free social networking and communications app of the same name across multiple platforms, and Skype, a popular VOIP service, it seems that Skype’s service will no longer be available through Fring for good.

Fring updated its iPhone app to include 2-way video calling last week, opening up a way for iPhone 4 users to make video calls to others who don’t have an iPhone 4 with its built-in Facetime capability. At the time Fring also allowed video calls through Skype, a popular VOIP service. The day after the release of the update, Fring reduced support for Skype video calling, citing network stress due to a massive increase in video calling. Then a few days later, Fring claimed in a biting blog post that Skype had “cowardly” blocked video calls through Fring. Skype fired back, stating that the move to remove Skype was Fring’s own decision.

Today, we heard that Fring sent an email to users describing that Skype and its legal team “has demanded not to restore” Skype connectivity through Fring. If this is true, this appears to be the end of Fring’s ability to connect users through Skype for the foreseeable future. However, Skype users can still make use of the Skype iPhone app, though it currently does not offer any video calling capabilities.

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Tapbots Releases Calcbot for iPhone and iPad

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Tapbots, the developer of the slick Convertbot app, has released Calcbot, a universal calculator app for the iPhone and iPad. With the tag line “Calculate Intelligently” Calcbot promises to be an easy-to-use and elegantly-designed app. Its full list of features includes:

  • Beautiful, yet simple user interface that comes to life with finely machined animation and sound
  • Advanced functions accessible via the innovative SwipePad
  • Live as-you-type expression history so you never forget what you entered last
  • Calculation history tape that also shows the expression used
  • Email your history as text or send values and expressions back the calculator
  • Retina display support
  • Fast app switching

On the iPhone 4, Calcbot’s interface is crisp enough to do the Retina Display justice and it works smoothly, complete with cute robotic sounds (which can be turned off in the settings). Swiping right reveals scientific functions and swiping down reveals the history tape (a brief tutorial when you first open the app walks you through this).

We reviewed some calculator apps for the iPad a few months ago and two of the three we looked at were iPad-only while one was universal for both the iPad and iPhone. If you own both and iPad and iPhone, a universal app should be on your calculator app shopping list to get the most bang for your buck and Calcbot fits that bill. On the iPad, Calcbot takes advantage of the increased screen real estate by displaying the history tape on the right in landscape mode with the same overall functionality as on the iPhone.

Tapbots has made a video showing Calcbot in action:

Calcbot is on sale for $.99 for a short time only and we recommend you grab it soon if you’ve been looking for an attractive and functional calculator app for your iPad and one good enough to make you stash the iPhone’s stock calculator app in a folder on the last page of your home screen.

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