Chopper 2 Offers Unique Control Mode

Chopper 2, a side-scrolling shooter/rescue game where you control a helicopter through various missions, hit the App Store yesterday and it includes a unique control mode that we haven’t seen before. The app is universal and works on both the iPad and iPhone and if you own both, you’re in for a fantastic treat: you can use the iPhone as an external controller to play the game on your iPad via a Bluetooth connection.

Touch Arcade has done a full review of Chopper 2, including a video (embedded below) that shows the iPhone control scheme used with an iPad connected to a 50-inch plasma screen. A set-up like this puts the iPad/iPhone combo in competition with stand-alone consoles and we’re really excited to see developers continue to push the envelope like this. Though Chopper 2 isn’t the first game to pair an iPhone and iPad for gameplay – Electronic Arts’ Scrabble for iPad was the first that we know of with its separate Tile Rack app for the iPhone to supplement gameplay on the iPad – this is the first we’ve seen this type of control scheme for an action-oriented game.

Chopper 2 is on sale for a limited time at $2.99 and if you own both an iPhone and iPad, you owe it to yourself to try it out. If you have a large display and Apple’s Component AV Cables, you too can enjoy playing Chopper 2 on a big screen in your own home.


Chopper 2

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Chopper 2 is the sequel to the best selling App Store helicopter side scroller, Chopper. Chopper 2 features 36 action packed missions over 12 unique and beautiful locations. It features a completely...

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Other games have offered this before – there’s a pinball one, for example.

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