Handy Light: Tethering App Camouflaged as Flashlight » Screen shot 2010-07-20 at 6.46.15 PM

Screen shot 2010-07-20 at 6.46.15 PM


  1. sammy figueroa

    im a musician, i play with j z i would love to get the vidio on how to use handy light for tethering, i tried to read the instructions but couldent quite understand hoe to do it, i believe the vidio would be better, thanks so much samyy

  2. Wayne

    Brought the app handy light the colors are white blue green and red no yellow
    It didn’t work. I have iPhone 3G ios 4.0.1Using PowerBook g4

  3. Mario

    I want to watch video for tutorial please.
    Gr Mario

  4. Shay

    Ok I went and paid for the app I did the blue yellow and red and tapped the top right corner and it stayed red and I tried to connect to the computer in said couldn’t connect. What else do I need to do?

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