Mozilla Releases Firefox Home App

As promised in May, Mozilla has released a Firefox Home app for the iPhone. The free app hit the App Store last night and offers a way for those who use the Firefox browser on their computer to sync open tabs, history, and bookmarks for access on the go on an iPhone.

The app requires a free Firefox Sync account, which in turn requires the free Firefox Sync add-on for Firefox on your computer. If you don’t already have a Firefox Sync account, the app graciously offers to email you instructions on how to get one when you first open it. Once you create an account and enter your account credentials in Firefox Home, the app will allow you to view and access the tabs currently open on your desktop plus your bookmarked pages.

Opening a tab or bookmark brings you to a bare-bones in-app browser and you can choose to open the current page in Safari or copy or email it. While many have been wishing for a Firefox browser app for the iPhone, this isn’t it, but it is a tiny step closer for those who use Firefox as their desktop computer browser of choice.