Skype Not Likely to Return to Fring

After a bit of vicious back-and-forth in the past week between Fring, a company that provides a free social networking and communications app of the same name across multiple platforms, and Skype, a popular VOIP service, it seems that Skype’s service will no longer be available through Fring for good.

Fring updated its iPhone app to include 2-way video calling last week, opening up a way for iPhone 4 users to make video calls to others who don’t have an iPhone 4 with its built-in Facetime capability. At the time Fring also allowed video calls through Skype, a popular VOIP service. The day after the release of the update, Fring reduced support for Skype video calling, citing network stress due to a massive increase in video calling. Then a few days later, Fring claimed in a biting blog post that Skype had “cowardly” blocked video calls through Fring. Skype fired back, stating that the move to remove Skype was Fring’s own decision.

Today, we heard that Fring sent an email to users describing that Skype and its legal team “has demanded not to restore” Skype connectivity through Fring. If this is true, this appears to be the end of Fring’s ability to connect users through Skype for the foreseeable future. However, Skype users can still make use of the Skype iPhone app, though it currently does not offer any video calling capabilities.

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