Navigon MobileNavigator Updated With Multitasking for iOS 4

A few weeks ago, Navigon posted a video highlighting its planned update to its MobileNavigator app with new features for iOS 4, including mulititasking and fast-app switching. That update hit the App Store early this morning and we’re downloading the 1.52 GB update right now to check it out. The full list of new features includes:

– iOS 4 support including Multitasking and FastAppSwitch
– Latest available NAVTEQ map data
– Live Weather information (at destination and on route)
– CleverParking (Parking spots around your destination and prior to arriving at the destination are shown)
– New destination overview screen providing weather, parking and POI information around your destination
– Refined RealityView Pro

    To celebrate the release of this update, MobileNavigator North America is on sale for $49.99, an attractive $30 off its regular price. Other regions are also on sale, including the apps for Europe, Australia, the Middle East and more.

    MobileNavigator has been our favorite iPhone navigation app so far and made it to our list of essential apps recommended for those new to the iPhone and now is a great time to grab it at its sale price.


    NAVIGON North America

    Last Changed: 7 weeks ago
    Rating: 3.50 (10140)
    Version: 3.1
    iOS Universal

    PLEASE NOTE: This app will be removed as of May 14, 2018. Existing customers can continue using the app as usual for at least two years. More info at With NAVIGON you can turn your...

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    Noticed this update removes peoples in app purchases (additional regions, live traffic). When I went to go restore the additional in app purchases on itunes, it appears they billed me again! No option to restore..


    I installed the latest update for Navigon and it did not cause my Navigon traffic in-app to disappear. However, even if it were to reset my in-app purchases, I would just select it to install it again and it will reinstall without charge. So, no real issues there. Otherwise the update is what it needed. Good work Navigon team!

    Marianne Schultz

    Fred – I had the same issue (I had purchased the traffic feature in a previous version of the app). I reached out to a Navigon PR rep who let me know that I just needed to go through the purchase process again and I would not be charged and the traffic feature would be restored. This worked for me. Here’s a link to his tweet with the instructions to me:

    Mike Martina

    Background voice guidance does not work. If you try it then go back to the app you will have no voice at all. Requires that the app be deleted from the background tasks to get voice back. Repeated this several times. Hope they fix this soon.

    Doug West

    There is a bug with background voice. It only works when in Settings at the very bottom it says “iPod mode”. Background voice ONLY works in Music playback mode and not Audiobook. Hope it helps!!

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