01 JUL

Chase Mobile Update Adds QuickPay and Check Deposits

by Marianne Schultz

Chase Manhattan Bank has updated its iPhone app to include new person-to-person payment and check deposit features. Chase account holders can now send payments from their account to anyone using just the receiver’s email address with Chase’s PayPal-like QuickPay feature. Checks can also be deposited through the app using the iPhone’s camera to capture an image of a check and submit it to Chase.

The QuickPay feature is free to use for both the sender and receiver. What the app’s description doesn’t note is that the receiver must enroll in QuickPay with Chase before the money can actually be accepted, so keep that in mind. Chase touts QuickPay as a fast and secure way to send money to anyone.

The new check deposit is not new to the iPhone – USAA was the first nearly a year ago – but it will likely be a very welcome feature for Chase account holders. The app guides you through the proper way to capture a check to deposit. Depositing a check through the iPhone app does not incur any fees.

While Chase offers an iPad-specific mobile banking app, it has not been updated to offer the QuickPay feature (it’s unlikely the app will ever offer the check deposit feature since the device lacks a camera).

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/finance/chase-mobile-sm”]

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/finance/chase-mobile”]


  1. oak

    not available in the US store? App Store only shows v1.0, not v2.3… any ideas?

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