Monthly Archives: June 2010

Apple Releases Find My iPhone App

Apple has released an app to help MobileMe subscribers take advantage of the service’s Find My iPhone feature. MobileMe is a subscription service that provides push email and over-the-air synchronization of contact and calendar data between multiple devices. The service costs $99 per year but can often be found for less from Amazon and other… Read more »

iOS 4 Compatible Apps Now Appearing in App Store

MacRumors points out that apps compatible with iOS 4 are starting to become available in the App Store. The free DropBox app is one of these, with its latest update to version 1.2.2 including iOS 4 compatibility released just yesterday. iOS 4, formerly known as iPhone OS 4, will be released to the public on… Read more »

Review: Trippo VoiceMagix Does Speech-to-Speech Translation

Though it’s not as often as we’d like, we do occasionally get the opportunity to travel out of the country and practice our foreign language skills and past experiences tell us that whipping out a dictionary to do a translation is not always practical nor a good way to look cool. Enter Cellictica’s Trippo VoiceMagix,… Read more »

Sega Gives Sneak Peek at Sonic 4 for iPhone

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, is going on right now and lots of exciting iOS gaming news is coming out of it. Yesterday, TouchArcade got a hands-on look at Sega’s upcoming Sonic 4 game for the iPhone. Initially, the game was expected earlier this year but has been pushed back to be… Read more »

Google Earth Now Compatible with iPad

The search giant’s Google Earth app has been updated to universal format. Version 3.0.0 hit the App Store this morning and the app now includes the following features: Native support for iPad, including full resolution imagery and an iPad-specific look and feel Road layer added for iPad and iPhone 3GS Google has been fairly prompt… Read more »

Apple Releases Apple Store App

Apple released an app to facilitate shopping in its online store today. Coinciding with the beginning of pre-orders for the iPhone 4 today, the app also offers the ability to submit a pre-order for a new iPhone right within the app. With the Apple Store app, you can: See new and featured products from Apple…. Read more »

mSpot Brings Streaming Movie Rentals to iPad

mSpot, a company that provides ringtones, music, and video for mobile devices in the U.S. and Canada, has updated its iPhone app to add iPad compatibility. mSpot first came to our attention in September when it started offering streaming rental movies viewable on iPhones and other mobile devices. mSpot then released an iPhone app for… Read more »

Time Magazine to Revamp iPad App

All Things Digital recently reported that Time Magazine is planning on releasing a significantly-revised iPad app in the near future. The current version of the app has been widely criticized for its pricing, with each issue costing $4.99, slightly more than the print version with a $4.95 cover price and significantly more than the equivalent… Read more »

FIFA World Cup, Other EA Games On Sale

Electronic Arts is currently running a sale on many of its iPhone and iPad games, including its FIFA World Cup game to kick off the World Cup tournament that begins today. FIFA World Cup is on sale only through this weekend. EA has not stated how long this sale will last for its other games… Read more »

KidCalc 123 Color HD Will Delight and Educate a Child Near You

The iPad and iPhone, with their intuitive user interfaces, have already been proven to be popular among children as evidenced by multiple YouTube videos of kids figuring out to use these popular devices in a matter of seconds. If those videos didn’t convince us, the reaction of kids who see our own shiny iPads and… Read more »