Monthly Archives: June 2010

ByLine RSS Reader Updated With Background Task Completion

Phantom Fish let us know that its ByLine RSS reader app has been updated to version 3.2, adding features that take advantage of some the new capabilities of iOS 4. Most notably, the app can now continue synchronization and caching activities in the background, allowing users to go to other apps while these tasks are… Read more »

Sonos Shows Off Upcoming iPad Controller App

Sonos, the maker of wireless multi-room music systems, gave a demonstration of its upcoming iPad controller app to TechCrunch today. The app makes good use of the iPad’s larger screen to show more information throughout and display album art, and it can control up to 32 separate zones. TechCrunch has posted a video of the… Read more »

iBooks App Now Universal, Adds PDF Compatibility

As promised at the WWDC keynote event earlier this month, Apple’s iBooks app has been updated and is now in universal format to include compatibility with the iPhone. New features include the ability to store and display PDF files and new interface customization options. The full list of what the update includes is as follows:… Read more »

Apple Releases iOS 4

Apple has just released the latest version of its operating system for mobile devices, iOS 4. The update includes a number of new features, including the highly-anticipated multitasking capability that will allow apps to run in the background. Apple first announced this update back in April and several apps have already been updated to take… Read more »

Pandora Radio Now Offers Background Playback in iOS 4

The app that has almost always been part of the battle cry from users asking for multitasking on the iPhone has been updated to add compatibility with iOS 4, including the ability to continue playing music in the background. Version 3.1 of Pandora Radio just hit the App Store a few moments ago. On a… Read more »

Apps with iAds Integration Appearing in App Store

A few apps that are already prepared for the official go-live of Apple’s iAds service have appeared in the App Store. iAds promises interactive advertising within apps and offers a 40%/60% revenue sharing split between Apple and developers who use the service.¬†As announced earlier this month at the WWDC keynote event, iAds will go live… Read more »

Borders Releases Ebook App

Joining ebook heavies Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (B&N eReader), and Apple (iBooks), not to mention other players like Kobo and Stanza, U.S. bookseller Borders has released a free ebook reader app linked to its own ebook store. The app is universal and will adapt accordingly for use on an iPhone or iPad. Ebook prices… Read more »

Windows Live Messenger Now in App Store

We heard whispers that Microsoft was working on this a few months ago and it’s finally hit the App Store. Windows Live Messenger fans can now enjoy all the instant messaging they want with the official, free app developed by Microsoft. Beyond instant messaging the app will also let you view your friends’ updates on… Read more »

Navigon Demonstrates MobileNavigator Update With Multitasking on iOS 4

Since its announcement and SDK release in April, many developers have been working furiously to take advantage of the new features that Apple’s iOS 4 brings. Probably the most welcome of these is multi-tasking. As we mentioned yesterday in noting that iOS 4-compatible apps are starting to appear in the App Store, seven particular APIs… Read more »

Taito Releases Slew of Space Invader Utility Apps

We don’t know about you, but seeing anything related to Space Invaders gives us the warm fuzzies and fond memories of playing the game on an Atari 2600 with our BFFs. Fortunately, we can do more than just reminisce about the game thanks to Taito and the iPhone. Touch Arcade met with Taito yesterday at… Read more »