Wired Magazine Drops Digital Issue Price

The Wired Magazine app got an update to version 1.1 this morning and it now offers the July issue of the magazine for $3.99. Wired Magazine first hit the App Store late last month and impressed many, including us, with its polish and interactivity though the $4.99 price tag was a little on the high side, matching the newsstand price of the paper version and far exceeding the paper version’s subscription price of under $1.00 per issue ($10 for a 12-month subscription).

Those who purchased the June 2010 issue can re-download it within the updated app at no charge. While a price decrease of $1.00 for an issue is welcome, it remains to be seen whether or not the market will bear this price in the long term. All Things Digital talked to Wired Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Chris Anderson, who described his beliefs about digital-versus-print pricing:

I would say that right now, all of us have opinions about the perfect price,” he says. “My feeling, my own personal instinct, is that digital should be at slight discount to print.

The July issue weighs in at a heft 337 MB and we recommend that you download it via a Wi-Fi connection, particularly if you’re not on an unlimited cellular data plan.


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