18 JUN

Taito Releases Slew of Space Invader Utility Apps

by Marianne Schultz

We don’t know about you, but seeing anything related to Space Invaders gives us the warm fuzzies and fond memories of playing the game on an Atari 2600 with our BFFs. Fortunately, we can do more than just reminisce about the game thanks to Taito and the iPhone. Touch Arcade met with Taito yesterday at E3 to talk about their upcoming game releases, including Space Invaders HD for the iPad in July, and pointed out the Space Invaders-themed utility apps that Taito recently put out.

There are a total of 7 free utility apps that hit the App Store just a few days ago:

  • Utilities

    Space Invaders Calculator

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    62 months ago
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    iOS iPhone

    Fun and practical, this calculator is packed with Space Invaders-themed gimmicks and designs! Instructions: - The calculator itself functions in the usual manner. - Touch the Invader in the upper...

For the record, we would pay some serious money to be able to actually print the business cards that the Space Invaders Business Card app creates.

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