Navigon Demonstrates MobileNavigator Update With Multitasking on iOS 4

Since its announcement and SDK release in April, many developers have been working furiously to take advantage of the new features that Apple’s iOS 4 brings. Probably the most welcome of these is multi-tasking. As we mentioned yesterday in noting that iOS 4-compatible apps are starting to appear in the App Store, seven particular APIs that will allow background audio, voice over IP, and more, will make many apps far more useful and enjoyable to use. Navigon, the maker of MobileNavigator navigation apps for many countries around the world, is getting ready with an update of their own to optimize its apps on iOS 4.

Currently, iPhone apps stop running completely when you go to the home screen, take a call, or go directly to another app via a push notification dialogue. This can be frustrating when using a navigation app since you lose the guidance when you accept an incoming phone call. iOS 4 allows a way around this and Navigon’s Bernd Hahn demonstrates how the upcoming version 1.6.0 of its navigation app will work in iOS 4 in this video:

Navigon has not yet announced when version 1.6.0 with multitasking capabilities will be released.



that´s cool, that´s really nice. but my iphone does it already!

iPhone 3GS, 3.1.3, Jailbrake, Backgrounder (Cydia)

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