Stanza Ebook App Now iPad-Compatible

Ebook lovers, rejoice! The popular Stanza ebook reading app is now in universal format, adding compatibility with the iPad. It appeared in the App Store a few days ago and it’s already in the Top 10 Free Apps in the Books category for iPad.

Stanza makes use of the File Sharing feature of the iPad’s operating system, allowing you to transfer ebooks via iTunes. Stanza will read ePub, eReader, PDF, Comic Book Archive, and DjVu files (without DRM protection). The addition of PDF compatibility is new with this universal version of the app.

Like competing ebook apps from Apple (iBooks), Amazon (Kindle), and Barnes & Noble (B&N eReader), Stanza offers a plethora of settings to customize the reading experience and optimize it for your lighting conditions and preferences.

The Get Books tab offers quick links to online sources of both paid and free ebooks. Books found online through these sources or others can be downloaded right into the app and read immediately.



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Read books on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Lexcycle Stanza brings the digital book revolution to your pocket with a reading interface that is unrivaled in its clarity and ease of use. With over...



wow, that’s an absolute good news for e-booker loves. I bet i will try it beaz i am like reading e-books very much. And i also wanna share other apps here, they are also useful.

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