Netflix and Farmville Coming to iPhone

Today’s WWDC keynote event was rife with announcements about the upcoming iPhone 4, the impending release of version 4 of Apple’s mobile operating system, now renamed iOS4, and much more. App-related announcements were also in evidence, and both NetFlix and Zynga joined in on the fun.

Netflix will release a version of its app for the iPhone – currently, the Netflix app is available for the iPad only. A demonstration of the impending iPhone version shows that it will have a similar feature set to that of the current iPad version. The app will be free and will be released this summer.

Zynga’s popular Farmville game will also make it to the iPhone soon. Farmville, with over 70 million active players, will arrive for the iPhone by the end of this month. The app will feature in-app purchasing to make use of the game’s marketplace plus push notifications to let players know about withering crops and other events.



So when is farmville coming to the iPhone?
And why would apple make it where we can’t
play any facebook games on our iPhone?
I mean everyone would have best of both worlds

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