Paper Toss HD for iPad Released

We admit it – Paper Toss for the iPhone sucked us in with its simplicity and crazy ability to kill time. Now that we have our iPads, we have missed this little gem on the big screen and BackFlip Studios must have sensed this somehow. Paper Toss HD hit the App Store yesterday and we’re happy to have it in full resolution on our iPads.

The app’s premise and game-play haven’t changed from the iPhone version – you flick upward to throw a wad of paper into a trash bin, varying the angle to adjust for a fan blowing across its flight path. The iPad version includes a new Pub level beyond the iPhone version, but everything else is the same.

While we generally like to see a little bit more new in an iPad-only version of an app that was first available on the iPhone, $2.99 isn’t too high of a price to enjoy this addictive little game in 1024 x 768 pixel glory.


Paper Toss Ad-Free

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