Solar Walk Now Available for iPad

We’ve always been fans of Vito Technology’s Star Walk ($4.99 for iPad and $2.99 for iPhone) and another lovely educational app by the same developer is now available for the iPad: Solar Walk ($2.99). The app debuted in the App Store yesterday in universal format and the update is free to those who had previously purchased the app when it was for iPhones only.

Solar Walk provides a unique way to explore the solar system, allowing you to view the sun and planets from any angle and view the orbits of each planet with a nifty time manipulation scale to go forward or backward to see their relative position at any point in time.

Vito Technology has posted a demo video of the app in action on an iPhone:

Tapping up on a planet zooms you in close, showing the planet in its current actual position. Tapping on an information button in the top left reveals a pane showing information about the planet, such as its mass, density, internal structure, exploration history and more.

Solar Walk could be a very useful tool for students learning about the solar system, though we find it to be much lighter on the sheer amount of information it contains compared to Star Walk. However, at $2.99, it’s not a bad buy to augment a child’s learning experience or get reacquainted with the planets yourself.

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I have the pre-universal version of Solar Walk on my iPod Touch. Is there a way to tell that you can download the universal version for free without actually having to press the “buy” button and hope you see the message informing you that “you have already bought this app, would you like to download it again for free?”

The way they have it worded on their app page makes it sound like the iPad version is free for those who prospectively buy the universal version. When I look at Solar Walk on the app store, it does not say “Installed” like it normally does if you already have the app–instead it states the price.

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