Lonely Planet Offering Free iPhone Guides

Lonely Planet, the popular travel guide company, announced earlier this week that it is offering 13 of its European iPhone guides for free temporarily to help travelers affected by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption in Iceland.

‘Travellers stuck in unfamiliar places need access to practical information as well as suggestions on what to do whilst stranded’, said Tom Hall, Lonely Planet Travel Editor. ‘That’s why we’re giving away iPhone city guides to major affected destinations.’

These free guides are for the following cites:

These guides are free until 11:59 p.m. GMT on Thursday, April 22.



That was a real perfect deal for both the users and Lonely Planet. Lots of people here in Germany loaded the guides and were able to see their whole offer.



I cried… I’m alone and the worst thing was my ex just sent me iBeloved. Oh I miss him…


The eSkyGuide app offers global flight schedules, flight status in real time, weather, an airport finder to identify the closest airport and mapping along with contact numbers for airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc to help stranded travelers change plans right there in the airport and maybe get home sooner.

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