Quick Look: Stock Tracking Apps for iPad

We’ve mentioned that the iPad lacks a few apps that come with the iPhone out of the box like the weather, stocks, and calculators apps. We’ve introduced you to a few weather and calculator apps for the iPad to make up for these absent apps and today we’re looking at a few stock apps.

Bloomberg for iPad (free)

Bloomberg for the iPhone has been available for more than a year and a half and the company was quick to put out an iPad-specific version of this popular stock market app to coincide with the iPad’s release. The app’s focus is on providing quotes and financial news, offering tabs to show news headlines, equity indices, currency quotes, and much more.

The My Stocks tab is where you’ll find the functionality offered by the iPhone’s Stocks app – individual stocks can be tracked here and it’s even possible to enter your own holdings to display the current value of your investments.

Tapping on a stock entry reveals details about the company as well as a number of charts to show stock performance over different time periods. We think that viewing these pages in portrait orientation is most useful since related news stories are shown in this view which are not visible in landscape orientation.

Currency exchange rates, commodities such as gold, platinum, and silver, and bonds and indices from around the world are also available in their respective tabs. Bloomberg’s podcasts are even available for download in the last tab and can be played right within the app.

At the stupendous price of $0, the Bloomberg for iPad app is a fantastic alternative for general financial news and quotes and tracking individual stocks.

E*Trade Mobile Pro (free)

While geared toward E*Trade account holders, the E*Trade Mobile Pro app still offers a lot in the way of individual stock and general market information, albeit with an interface that’s not as intuitive as it could be.

Information is divided into three panels at the top and one large one at the bottom. Indicators below each group of panels show you how many more there are.

For the panels at the top, scrolling all the way to the left reveals three panels that are useful only to E*Trade customers only and require logging in, as do the CNBC Video panel all the way to the right and the last panel in the bottom half of the screen.

This leaves three panels in the top half and two panels in the bottom half that are useful for those who don’t have E*Trade accounts. These panels display stock charts and quotes, market index information, top financial news stories, and an editable stock watch list.

Unlike other apps we’ve seen that separate information into panels, tapping on one won’t expand it to take up the entire screen, which is particularly disappointing in relation to the chart panels.

Overall, the E*Trade Mobile Pro app is probably most useful for account holders as one would expect, but it can still provide useful information in a pinch if you’re looking for general financial news and want to track individual stocks.

StockWatch – iPad Edition ($5.99)

If you’re looking for a bit more in-depth tracking of your stock portfolio than the Bloomberg and E*Trade apps offer, StockWatch is for you. StockWatch is specifically geared toward tracking specific stocks and monitoring your entire portfolio, and even offers a free online synchronization service so that all devices with the StockWatch app stay in sync.

The Watchlist tab shows current pricing information and recent news about stocks you want to track, and it’s easy to add new stocks to the list.

The Portfolio tab is where you can track your entire portfolio, adding stocks, mutual funds, bonds, futures, and options. This is where the meat of the app is for those who want to stay on top of their portfolio through a no-nonsense and informative interface.

The Sync Services tab is where the free synchronization service is managed – here, the required PIN can be changed and imports and exports can be handled.

The Settings tab customizes how the app works for you, including very useful features like the page first shown when the app is owned, the standard commission amount for your trading transactions, and a security feature to passcode-protect the app to keep it from prying eyes should your iPad get into the wrong hands.

StockWatch – iPad Edition goes well beyond showing just stock prices and pretty charts, allowing users to keep a close eye on their financial status without any fluff to get in the way and is well worth the $5.99 price tag.


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