10 APR

Atebits’ Tweetie Acquired by Twitter

by Marianne Schultz

Yesterday, Twitter announced that it will acquire Tweetie, one of the most popular iPhone Twitter apps, and re-brand it to be the official Twitter app. Twitter described that this acquisition is to help avoid confusion among Twitter users:

Careful analysis of the Twitter user experience in the iTunes AppStore revealed massive room for improvement. People are looking for an app from Twitter, and they’re not finding one. So, they get confused and give up. It’s important that we optimize for user benefit and create an awesome experience.

Tweetie’s developer, Loren Brichter, will be joining Twitter as part of this acquisition. Once re-branded, the official Twitter app will become free, down from the $2.99 price of the current Tweetie iPhone app. An iPad version of the app is also forthcoming.


  1. John Mc

    Free would be good. I use Echofon because it was free. Any idea how they compare?

  2. Muninder

    Just for testing……….

  3. Monu

    Free would be good

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