NewsRack Is Full-Featured RSS Reader for iPad

With thousands of apps available on launch day, iPad users are already finding that it takes some time to wade through the App Store’s offerings. When it comes to RSS feed reader apps, there are already several available for the iPad and omz:software’s NewsRack is one that caught our eye with an update on April 3 to a universal version for both the iPad and iPhone.

NewsRack is an RSS feed reader that works as a stand-alone reader if you want to find and enter the feeds you want to subscribe to directly in the app. If you use Google Reader, NewsRack will sync with it (both ways) to allow you to read your saved feeds, add new ones, remove feeds, and more.

NewsRack for the iPhone offers a unique interface element that, while not particularly necessary for reading RSS feeds, does make the app a little more fun to navigate compared to other RSS reader apps. Feeds can be shown in a view that presents them as newspapers in racks like you’d find at a news stand.

Feeds can also be viewed in a standard list view (or by folder, if your feeds are organized this way).

Unfortunately, the cute news stand view of feeds is missing in the iPad version and the list view is the only way to browse them, though NewsRack definitely takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen size appropriately.

In landscape orientation, feeds are shown in a pane on the left with selected items in the larger pane on the right. There’s a built-in web browser to view the linked article, which will take over the pane on the right side.

NewsRack also incorporates features to share feed items via Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, and email. If you want to mark an item for later reading, ReadItLater and Instapaper are also supported.

The view in portrait orientation mimics that of Apple’s own Mail app on the iPad, with the selected RSS item taking up the entire screen and feeds appearing in a pop-up box on the left.



Pretty nice app, though I don’t get the lack of a swipe to go to the next unread article. Currently you have to go click on the next article you want to read, which is more thinking than i want to do when i am skimming. As it is I am still looking for my Reader app for my iPad.

iPhone 3G

Personally, I use MobileRSS (the medium one – not the free edition nor pro; thx to appshopper, it was free at the time).

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