iPad & iPhone & Selected Category Filtered RSS Feeds

In keeping with the expansion of the What’s New filtering, we’ve updated the RSS feeds to match. Most noticeably, you’ll find iPhone/iPad filtering enabled!

You’ll also find that logged in users will get a personal feed url when clicking any of the RSS links at the top of the page. Thus the feeds only include apps in categories selected on your profile page.

Please note, due to the nature of RSS readers, these personal feed urls are not secured like your AppShopper account is.



As reported, there were problems with the personal myapps & wishlist feeds and the App prices in some feeds. Please find that these should all be back in order. I appreciate all your patience and you reporting these issues as soon as you found them.


Pls be informed that all iPad related RSS feeds appear XML error, please kindly fix it.

Thks so much



in the Feed ” all iPad apps with Price Changes” is wrong the show of price change an app.
e.g. app “Pad Pong”
price change: $ 2.99 to $ 0.99
in the feed: Price: Free -> $.99

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