iPad Apps Now Live in App Store

We mentioned just the other day that iPad apps were starting to appear in the App Store database. Now, less than 48 hours before the iPad is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S., iPad apps are now live in the App Store (link opens iTunes), as pointed out by Gizmodo. While there is no separate category for iPad apps appearing the App Store yet, it’s possible to download the available iPad apps right now. Of course, they will only work on an iPad but this could be a boon for iPad buyers who want to start app shopping early.



Just a suggestion. I usually check your site for price changes quite frequently. I noticed that you now have the option for “All” or “iPad.” Since I own an iPhone and plan on getting an iPad I would browse with the “All” category. What would really improve this for me would be for AppShopper to somehow designate universal apps, perhaps with the “+” symbol like Apple is using in the App Store on iTunes. Universal apps will obviously have more value for anyone that owns an idevice and an iPad.

Thanks for the awesome site!


I’d also like to suggest a third option to “All” and “iPad”, namely “iPhone/iPod”. As an iPod touch user, it would be nice to filter out all the iPad only apps.

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