Avantar Bringing Yellow Pages to iPad

Avantar hasĀ announced that its Yellow Pages app is coming to the iPad.

Taking advantage of the iPad’s larger screen, Yellow Pages will show considerably more information on a single page than is currently possible in the iPhone version. For example, map images will be shown concurrently with search results.

In the iPhone version, viewing the location of a business in the search results on a map requires a tap through to a second page.

Yellow Pages for the iPhone, which is free and ad-supported, has been been very well-received, consistently appearing in the Top 100 of free apps in the Navigation category. The iPad version is expected to be available on April 3 or soon after, though no information on pricing has been released yet.



Actually, Mike, there’s a whole team of developers who worked on this app. I clicked on your link and it’s not live anymore. As someone who works for the company, I can tell you that Avantar puts a lot of thought, hard work, and creativity into their apps. I can’t count the hours I’ve seen those in charge spend pacing and planning and designing so that they can give their clients the best service possible. If it was created using a random website, I don’t think we would have over 3 million downloads of our iPhone apps.

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