iPad Apps Start Appearing on AppShopper

It was nearly two weeks ago when Apple first extended its official invitation to app developers to submit their iPad apps for approval. The deadline for these submissions was March 27 in order for the apps to be approved in time and published on April 3 to coincide with the iPad’s launch.

In the past few days, more information about iPad apps in the App Store has surfaced, including titles not yet officially announced by developers and App Store best seller lists. While it’s not possible to see these apps by searching the App Store directly through iTunes, they are present in Apple’s app database and are already visible here at AppShopper.com.

Just about every one of these apps has been announced outright as forthcoming for the iPad by its developers or hinted at directly or indirectly through another avenue. For example, Freeverse mentioned the upcoming availability of Flick Fishing, Warpgate, and CastleCraft over at TouchArcade and FileMaker’s Bento app was revealed at MacRumors.

The list visible here at AppShopper is likely only a partial list as Apple is probably still reviewing and approving iPad apps through the end of this week. While there is no official word on exactly how many iPad apps will be available at launch, it is expected that there will be several from which to choose as many developers work to get in the door early at the release of Apple’s highly-anticipated device. iPad specific apps will be available for purchase on April 3rd.



Will you add an option for iphone/ipod users not to see the ipad, like the ipad users have an option to only see ipad?


+1 above, I’m an iPhone owner, and not ever likely to be an iPad owner (unless I win one or something), so the iPad stuff is starting to get old. I’d like to not have to see them in my feeds from AppShopper, if at all possible…

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