Movile Bringing Board Games to iPad

Movile has announced its newest title, BoardBox, will be available for the iPad on launch day. Boardbox is a board game extravaganza, including 15 board games along with a unique email multiplayer function.

BoardBox will include multiple variations of chess and Go, plus checkers, tic tac toe, International Draughts, Xiangqi, and Westernized Xiangqi. Additional games are planned in the near future.

BoardBox is intended for multiplayer use and as such does not include any in-game AI to play against alone. If an opponent is not close enough to physically play on the same iPad, the email multiplayer function allows users to make a move and generate an email to an opponent showing that latest move and requesting the opponent’s next move.

Movile’s current iPhone titles include Theme Park Madness and Bottleneck’d. BoardBox will be available starting on April 3 and will cost $3.99.

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