New Category Filtering Feature

Many of you have asked, so we are pleased to announce the new category filtering for the What’s New page. Visit your profile page (free site registration required) to select the categories you wish to be displayed. By default all are shown. Uncheck categories who’s Apps you wish to exclude.

user selected categories

The above example shows how to exclude books, for example, from the What’s New lists.


Bob Babcock

First off: THANK YOU! This is absolutely WONDERFUL news and something I’ve wished or almost since I first started using AppShopper. This feature is VERY appreciated…

Second: it appears that, whether related to the new feature or not, the filtering for new/updates/price changes isn’t working properly… -_-;



There was a small issue, and it has been corrected. Thanks for reporting it.

Dave M.

AWESOME!!!!! I have so been wishing I could do that! There are a few categories that I just don’t care about, but they produce thousands of new apps a week. Now I won’t have to put up with seeing them! Woohoo!!!

Ron Little

Thanks for the category selection option. This was a major step in progress.


Thank you for your work! When Appshoper will be in a separate application for the iPhone, as pandorabox? This is real?

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