Monthly Archives: March 2010

Avantar Bringing Yellow Pages to iPad

Avantar has announced that its Yellow Pages app is coming to the iPad. Taking advantage of the iPad’s larger screen, Yellow Pages will show considerably more information on a single page than is currently possible in the iPhone version. For example, map images will be shown concurrently with search results. In the iPhone version, viewing the… Read more »

iPad Apps Start Appearing on AppShopper

It was nearly two weeks ago when Apple first extended its official invitation to app developers to submit their iPad apps for approval. The deadline for these submissions was March 27 in order for the apps to be approved in time and published on April 3 to coincide with the iPad’s launch. In the past… Read more »

Work in Progress: SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad

ZatzNotFunny revealed today that Sling Media, the maker of hardware and software that allows users to watch home TV content from anywhere, is working on an iPad app. When it makes a noticeable difference in quality, we will definitely provide higher resolution streaming.  The iPad is a good example of a device where we are hard… Read more »

Twitepad To Debut on iPad

InfoXenter has announced that its Twitter app, Twitepad, has been approved by Apple and will become available on the iPad’s launch day. Twitepad takes advantage of the iPad’s large screen to show multiple columns of your Twitter stream as well as an in-app multi-tab browser. The iPad’s 9.7-inch screen opens up a whole new world… Read more »

Movile Bringing Board Games to iPad

Movile has announced its newest title, BoardBox, will be available for the iPad on launch day. Boardbox is a board game extravaganza, including 15 board games along with a unique email multiplayer function. BoardBox will include multiple variations of chess and Go, plus checkers, tic tac toe, International Draughts, Xiangqi, and Westernized Xiangqi. Additional games… Read more »

Card Games Galore To Be Available for iPad

Card game developers are having a field day preparing their apps for the iPad. iPad users looking for solitaire and other more challenging card games will be able to shuffle virtual card decks on the iPad’s release day or very soon afterward. First, Lucrative Software announced that Thirty One will be available for the iPad, featuring… Read more »

Wired Magazine Previewed on the iPad

Wired Magazine has posted a video previewing a digital version of its magazine on the iPad. In the video, Scott Dadich, Wired Magazine’s Creative Director, speaks about the iPad as another avenue to communicate with readers, presenting remarkable opportunities to create a truly multi-media experience. Jeremy Clark of Adobe Experience Design talks about partnering with… Read more »

iPad Versions of TanZen, Sudoku Real Edition Coming

TanZen, a Chinese puzzle game, is coming to the iPad according to the developer, Little White Bear Studios. The iPad version promises new graphics, pop-up menus, more puzzles, a new achievement system, and other features not yet available in the iPhone version. Screenshots show the game’s graphics scaled to take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen… Read more »

Instapaper Pro Bound for iPad

Marco Arment, the developer of Instapaper, previewed and talked about the development of the Instapaper Pro app for the iPad on his blog yesterday. Arment is aiming to have the iPad version available when the iPad is launched on April 3. Notably, Instapaper Pro will be a universal application – this means that the app… Read more »

Zen Bound 2 Heading to iPad

Secret Exit, the developer of Zen Bound, revealed to TouchArcade earlier this month that an iPad version of Zen Bound 2 is in the works. Its release is planned to coincide with the launch of the iPad in the U.S. on April 3. Screenshots sent to TouchArcade show the sequel playing on an iPad. The… Read more »