Monthly Archives: November 2009

iGlowStickPro Wins Big from Apple Mistake

An otherwise unremarkable $0.99 app released today by iPhone developer Spielwerk has had a big win due to a mistake by Apple. The app iGlowStickPro is a simple glow-stick entertainment app and really had little to distinguish itself from the hundreds of other apps released this week…. until a mistake on Apple’s part positioned it… Read more »

So, In-App Purchases ARE Reflected in Top Grossing Lists

With the introduction of in-app purchases or downloadable content (DLC), one question that remained for developers and other App Store followers was whether or not Apple’s top 100 grossing applications included these sales. I had a chance to speak with Bolt Creative’s Dave Castelnuovo in a Podcast the other day, and their Pocket God application… Read more »