Introducing Top 200 By Category

Introducing the new Top 200 App listings!  These lists replace the former Top 100 and may now be filtered by category and top paid / top free / top grossing Apps.


Jim Paget

I was unable to get the filtering by category to work in the Top 200 list. In fact, the drop-down category selector appears to be non-functional in the Top 200 view. I’ve tried it in both Firefox 3.5 and IE 7 with identical results.

Jim Paget

Filtering by category in the Top 200 list is working now. Thanks for fixing it so quickly!


The Top 200 list has temporarily been reverted back to the original Top 100. Just recently, the gathering of the list data has become unstable due to circumstances beyond our control. We hope for things settle and the Top 200 to be back up again soon.

Wing Chueng

Well I haven’t seen it working before, but I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

Also good job on the price drop notification. It works really well.

There isn’t anything different in the Top 200 data that should cause any problems. I just extended the algorithm on my site from 100 to 200 and it captured the 200 apps without any other changes.

If you need any help, let me know.

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