Monthly Archives: August 2009

Sortable Search, Top 100

Search results are now sortable by relevance, price, update, and rating.  Note: relevance is only shown in most to least relevant order.  Other sort options may be sorted either way. Top 100 lists are now sortable either way by top 100 position, change, peak, rating, and price. Chris

Performance Issues Being Addressed

We’re aware that the site has been rather sluggish recently.  We’re working to address these issues so it should return to must faster performance levels soon.

Version Updates and Average Ratings

You might notice that some apps are showing updates today that have long been updated.  Due to a previous bug, some updates were never picked up.  We’ve revamped our code, so this shouldn’t happen again in the future.  Average ratings are also coming back, and many are already back.  In the next 24 hours or… Read more »