Site Update! New User Membership Features

We’ve just updated and added user accounts for personal App tracking!

Immediately obvious should be the two new tabs: “My Apps” and “Wish List.” Users must register and log in, to add Apps to these personal lists.

With Apps in your personal “My Apps” and “Wish List” lists, you can take advantage of:

  • email notifications to keep abreast of price and version updates to the Apps you own
  • subscription to your personal “My Apps” and “Wish List” RSS feeds
  • list organization by App rating and sorting

Note: the personal RSS feeds are not secured by login.

We expect that managing these lists of Apps is intuitive enough, but for a little explanation: Apps are added to your personal “My Apps” or “Wish List” tabs by clicking the individual app’s “own it” or “want it” checkboxes, respectively. These checkboxes appear in underneath the price box for each App on both the front “What’s New” page as well as the search results page. You may also take Apps from your Wish List to your My Apps list via the “bought it” checkbox. Apps may be removed from the lists by mousing over the App icon, and clicking the “X” that appears.

After logging into your site account, we recommend searching for the Apps you own/want to build your lists. From then on, sign up for email notifications, and keep an eye on “What’s New” and search around for existing apps to grow your “Wish List.”

Of course, let us know what you think!



Will it be possible to chance email adresse in the future? That would be nice.. Keep up the good work.. .


We have a constant stream of requested features coming in (including username/email changing) and over the next few days I’ll be collecting them and prioritizing, so look for more updates to come.



Thanks, this is an awesome feature!

There’s one thing I have been wondering about though – I’ve noticed that the ratings for each app show up as “–” even though they have a rating in the app store. Is this a feature that is coming back?

Lord Gek

Now my favorite iphone site has become EVEN MORE useful, thanks for the new features!


Great addition. Thank you.

Would be great to have offline scanner like AppFresh so you don’t have to add manually all the apps you own. But I did anyway 😉


Would be nice to have the other function buttons from main page, in ‘My Apps’ & ‘Wish List’ pages. So you can organize them by price, which was recently updated, etc. Otherwise, excellent update to the website. Look forward to future updates. Great job.


A feature request: now that we can register, it would be nice to have personal settings, because I’d like to completely hide some app types: books, business, education, finance, healthcare & fitness, medical, navigation, photography (I have an iPod Touch), travel, sports, social networking…

If it was possible, it would change my life, because I spend a lot of time every day surveying the apps.

Keep up the great work !


The wish list is golden! Always wnated to somehow track if there are going to be discounts on some apps that I wish I had. Excellent. Thank you.


Please show the prices on the “My Apps” list. It’s a lot of work to go through each item on the list to see which are free. The same filters(price changes, updates, Paid/Free) would all be nice to see in My Apps.


didnt know you guys offer update notifications before I signed up, I need to change email to my push mail acct!!



Thank you very much for the site upgrades, they make wish lists much better than the text file I had going on my laptop.


These updates are fantastic! This is exactly what I have been hoping for. Thank you so much.


One thing I would really like to see is the app ratings. There a spot for it on all apps but it always just says “Average Rating: –” What’s up with that?


Very nice new features. Please make AppShopper a native iPhone app. Then it will be perfect 🙂


Offline scanning of our apps would be great, yet I think I just figured out a much better way!:

By forwarding the email receipts we get from Apple to a special address you could reserve for this purpose, a program you write may automatically scan such emails and update our accounts, not only with purchased status, but also with purchased date, paid price and iTunes order number.

Those of us concerned with our privacy may edit out our personal information, substituting our AppShopper account before forwarding. Or, you could make sure the emails are not harvested for personal info and discarded afterwards.


Thank you for creating this website! Stumbled across it in a TUAW article from yesterday. Love it!


Highly appreciate the wish list, but how can I get apps off the list short of buying them or marking them as bought?

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