Top 100 iPhone App Lists Now Available

I’ve turned on a new page: Top 100 lists for both paid and free apps.

What’s neat is it tracks the rankings on a daily basis and gives relative changes for each app as well as peak rating and # of days on the chart. I only have historical data for the past 19 days (as of this writing) so even the oldest apps will only have a maximum of 19 days on the chart. App name links to the AppShopper page while the price links to the iTunes store directly.

Besides just finding out what the most popular apps are, an interesting way to look at it on a daily basis is at the apps that are moving the fastest up and down the charts. This is easily seen by scanning the “Change” column.

Today, for example, Strategic Assault is the biggest (Paid) gainer by appearing at #67 on it’s first day in the Top 100. Meanwhile, Hooked: Pocket Fishing has fallen the most (Paid) with an 11 place drop to #79.




this is a great addition, and I love the clean design, makes it incredibly easy to scan. The star rating would be great to see in the “What’s New” list. On a vaguely related note, any chance we might see the ability to see an individual app’s version history on its page? Thanks for the great site!


Nice work.
Feature request for this page: Make the column headers sortable. It’d be nice to order them by price/star rating, etc.


Nice feature! However, the top 100 tab isn’t included in the search results page (the results page also doesn’t have the most up-to-date blog post listed on it either).

Keep up the good work!


Great idea – but can it be manipulated by FREE periods showing up as Paid sales when price changes?
Keep up the good work!


Hi there.

This is a main commentary not referred to this topic (Ican’t open another topic…).

First of all, congratulations for your website: very useful! But I want to make a suggestion: why dont you add a ‘favicon’ with your logo next to your url? This would be useful and stylish in order to keep organizated the favorites in any browser. Also it will add some ‘charm’ in this ‘apple design’ enviroment.

Thanks in advance for your attention.


Antonio Barahona.


I’ve benn on this site for a long time now, but i just want to thanks to all admin and maintener etc….. that a great site to see quickly th new app and update etc etc…

SO 1 billion thanks from france!!!!! great job on this blog


Brilliant, clean design. Kinda discouraging for anyone else wanting to start an App site! thanks arn.


Nicely done and thank you.

Agree that sorting would be a good addition.

thx again!


Great site, huh Chrissy?! šŸ™‚ Text me so we can talk ‘AppShopper’! šŸ™‚



Thanks for this! It’s excellent source of information for anyone interested in knowing what is going on with the App Store.

Can you make any sort of assumptions on how many downloads/ day are required to get to the Top 100 list? Maybe you could get some anonymous data from devs that you have good relations?


I love this site very awesome.. Keep up the good work! Thank you so much.

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