Most Popular New iPhone Apps: Oct 13-20th

We’ve received a lot of suggestions, and just wanted to let you know that most of them are in the works in one form or another. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, it’s just been slow to come.

In the meanwhile, here’s an interesting list of the most popular new apps from the past week. I’ve split them up into the most popular Paid and Free apps and also separated Games out into its own list, since they tend to dominate the lists.

Most Popular Paid (Non Games)

1. iProRecorder™
2. Wikipedia
3. Haunted
4. FreshWater Aquarium
5. Gazette
6. Photo Lab
7. Pocket Lightning
8. Automata
9. Pano
10. Your 2 Face

Most Popular Free (Non Games)

1. Briefcase Lite
2. Cooliris
3. Firemail
4. Dictionaire: The Simple Dictionary
5. FLEX Photo Lab
6. Free Translator
7. Cheap Gas!
8. WritePad
9. StereoMaker
10. Qwikipedia

Most Popular Paid (Games)

1. Urban Tycoon
2. Nanosaur 2
3. Mister Bumblebee Racing Champion
4. Vektrax
5. ParkingLot
6. Topple
7. LED Basketball
8. Puzzllotto
9. Loot Wars
10. Venger

Most Popular Free (Games)

1. PAC-MAN Lite
2. Touch Hockey: FS5 (FREE)
3. iBall3D
4. Tap ‘n’ Slide
5. Free Spore™ Origins LE
6. Surface to Air Mayhem Lite
7. MazeFinger
8. Card Shark
9. Winter Snow Globe
10. rRootage

I’ve also removed apps that were new this week and then quickly dropped in price, as that can skew the results for those apps. This list isn’t perfect, as Apps introduced just yesterday will be at a disadvantage, but it’s still an interesting list.


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