Welcome to AppShopper.com

Welcome to AppShopper.com. This is a project that we’ve been working on for the a number of weeks. The site exists to track all activity in the iTunes App Store and to provide you an easy way to find new Apps and discounts.

We cut out a lot of the features from the first release in order to get it delivered. The core functionality is in place, but we have plans for many new features.  With the loss of the “All iPhone Apps” functionality in the iTunes store, the site had already become very useful, and we thought we’d share it.

This blog will serve as a place we can post observations, site news and highlight interesting apps and price changes.

We appreciate the feedback. There are still a few site rendering issues in Internet Explorer, but hopefully those will be addressed shortly. Thanks for visiting, and spread the word.



I love checking out the price changes, you can pick up sales that way, which is cool. I picked up a bunch of temporarily free apps that way. How cool is that? Besides free, it might be neat to be able to pick a <= price, like $1.99, to filter by.


thanks for creating this site. I find the itunes app store to be a little disorganized which has caused me to loose out on some great deals but now I go straight to this site first and find a lot of great deals.


Great site! I think it would be a nice idea if we knew what size the D/L is.


Great job. I’ve subscribe to many of the feeds. It helped me find some awesome apps and jump on some nice special prices.

Thanks for creating this website. Keep up the great work.


I’m totally addicted to your website! A small suggestion… it would be great to be able to filter by price drops only.


I would like to see you sort apps by customer ratings, so you can find the great ones without searching one by one. The App store is poorly designed so I am happy to see this site.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to track again the App store, this is just simple awesome! Again many many thanks to you guys! (esp Arn)


I had the same idea !
I would be very curious to have some cues about how you did to gather app store information 😉


Great site. I’m addicted. How about adding a CSS stylesheet for the mobile Safari browser too, so that it is easier to surf directly from the iPhone?


Great website. Thank you for sharing it! I appreciate up-to-minute updates on price changes and free apps!


Great site! This site has saved me a lot of money. I check it several times a day.


As a regular MacRumors & TouchArcade reader I’m glad you’ve introduced AppShopper – I’ve got some useful & fun new apps thanks to this site! A little off topic, but may I ask how you made the orange app-store-like icon in the shopping cart? Anyway, thanks for a great site.


It just appalling that iTunes took away the ‘All iPhone Apps’ functionality. Ever since the day they did that, I’ve really spent no time on the App Store other than to pick up apps I already new about.

This site brings back the ability to discover new apps, and let’s apps get discovered…

I may even go as far as to say that it’s easier to navigate than the store ever was…


Awesome work. I agree with above…I never search the app store on the iphone because of your site.. does anyone know of a site to suggest ideas to developers for program ideas??


Found your site referenced on another (sorry, I can’t remember which one). This has replaced another feed I was using that didn’t give as much information. And of course the App store, which is now not very useful for finding out what’s new.

Thanks for this!


Ever since the All iPhone Apps got removed in iTunes, I lost track already of the latest apps available. This site helped me see the apps i missed so now, I’m back on track. This is a very helpful site! Kudos AppShopper!


What? This is only 3 days old? I discovered it yesterday and instantly loved it. Looked like it’s online for many month! GJ.


This site is great for keeping track of the many updates and price changes,I already had a few great apps that were free for a limited time thanks to this site.
Great job!


I’ve noticed that I can access these links on my computer but when I use the iPhone, all the links to the apps come up saying “Cannot Open Page – Safari cannot open the page because the address in invalid.”


@sikosis Apple broke App Store linking in mobile safari with the latest iPhone update. The next one is said to fix it.


Great site you’ve created here folks! This is the type of information that the app store is severely lacking. Thank you very much. Adding this to the top of my favorite site’s list.


Number one feature request from me – please, please add the ability to choose which international app store data will be displayed for: it would be really useful not to have all of the US-only apps listed (and I may be missing UK-specific ones, if any exist)


this is a lot of work and i really appreciate it and you

himself ( irish for the head of the house)


Please, please, PLEASE make “RescueMe” available in the United Kingdom! It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.
PeteBell, UK

Zhang Meng

This is a amazing website.I come from China.In China,iTunes Store’s app is too expensive for me.But in here,I can easily find free app.Thank you very much.Now,I almost visit here everyday.

f e a r l e s s

Really useful site! Nice layout! Thank you so much for it’s existence!

Great Site

Thanks! This is a great site. I love finding new apps, but the itunes app store is horrible. They removed the all apps feature. It’s slow to reload. You can’t search easily for things. You’ve made the whole experience what it should be.

Scott Kendall

This site is wonderful! It is the first site that I have found that has a very simple & easy interface and VERY complete! Any chance you guys can make an iPhone app to show all the latest updates?

Ron Nicholson

Hey Arn, How about adding a moderated reviews section for each app?

The review section on the iTunes App store is seriously broken, and getting a lot of complaints from the developer community. You could get a lot of developer interest in appshopper by hosting reviews here that address their most common complaints. Some form of abuse moderation, maybe allow some slashdot-style user rating-moderation of the reviews, and allow developer rebuttal.

Paul Wood

G’Day to all of you….I’m useing the German version of iTunes App store, couse I have to (because I live here). But it sucks!!! so much that I can’t use the iTunes App U.S store… you guy’s get the goodies and we get the…
Damn! I want to be able to use Quip and… and…

Ps: great site!, cheers! (me drinking big glas of beer in Berlin)

Josh mickey

Well I got the pocket god it is amazing app but it would be much better if we(god) can create monster on the island so the monster can eat the islanders. If you make that happen I will give five stars for voting and leave you guys awesome comments

Josh mickey

I putted this comment here because I don’t know whee else I coil talk to the developers ^^; lol
Sorry 🙂


I love this site! I need an app to upload pics to fbook. Any easier ways to search for stuff?

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